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The Canadian study permit allows all International students to work on a part-time basis while they pursue their studies in Canada. They can earn wages and amass work experience, without requiring a work permit. We present the steps to take prior to starting working.

Steps to get a study permit:

The initial step is to get the study permit. It is the document of the Canadian government permitting overseas nationals in studying at a specific learning institution in the country. There are specific requirements and conditions for applying to the study permit. They must also hold a valid acceptance letter. It is valid for the program duration, and there is an additional 90 day period after completing the program. This time gives an opportunity to the students for preparing for their departure. Additionally, they can apply and seek an extension of stay. Many study permits give permission to these students for working on a part-time basis for 20 hours every week in their regular schedule. Moreover, they can work full-time in their long breaks. The recent changes, also allow international students in work on their campus or at off-campus.

Other details

When they work part-time they can complement the cost of tuition and make an allowance for living expenses. Additionally, they can assimilate in Canadian culture and know the community and language. All employed persons in Canada need to hold a Social Insurance Number having a nine-digit identifier. It is issued by the government. International students intending to work have to apply to Service Canada and get the SIN. Additionally, after having it they can hunt for a job. Students can check with their college/university, because they may offer employment opportunities to students. Canada receives 350,000 global students every year. It has increased by 119% from 2010. Canada offers an affordable option and is a top choice for many international students.  Additionally, it has a tolerant and receptive society. Finally, Canada has an ambitious policy in immigration to seek skilled workers, and also attract international students.

Other facts

Many international students plan to become permanent residents. Moreover, the Canadian government adopts an easy policy so that the students can seek permanent resident status in Canada after completing their graduation. After gaining education and work experience in the country, the applicants of the Express Entry system become very competitive. The Post-Graduate Worker Program caters to their requirements. It allows global students to stay in the country, and also gain full-time, well-paid work experience, after completing their graduation. Finally, such experience helps in permanent immigration by using the Canadian Experience Class. Please contact us for any details and queries.

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