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What IELTS Score Is ideal for Canadian immigration?

Taking up the IELTS test is mandatory in the Canadian immigration process.The test score depends on the program which a candidate targets. It is important to understand the way in which the point score relates to language abilities. All programs need a minimum point score for qualifying and some programs grant more points to candidate for achieving a better language level. Additionally, some of the programs, require a high test score, depending on the profession. For a few provincial immigration programs which deal with demand occupations, the scores may be only CLB 4. The candidates must also note that those having a high level of French may not need any English, and the same is also true conversely. Programs usually ask for proficiency in an official language.This means Intermediate abilities in the combination of writing,reading, understanding and speaking English. In the Express Entry system candidates get points for a first and second official language proficiency. Knowing both languages will gain a better score , but this is not a requirement. Many immigration programs in Canada outside Quebec have priority processing for candidates who speak French. Canada invests million of dollars to increase the number of French-speaking immigrants.

What Is IELTS?

IELTS the International English Language Testing System is a popular English language test in the world. It gives grades to the candidate in four disciplines writing,reading, speaking and listening. The results of this test correspond to a Canadian Language Benchmark score. This test is accepted by IRCC for proficiency in English language. Moreover, it also accepts the Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program.

Express Entry Points for Languages

First Official Language Express Entry Points Test score With spouse/ Single

Important Issues

Irrespective of the minimum language requirements for qualifying, immigration programs are moving towards the system of expression of interest. The federal express entry system works on this model. Moreover, The provinces of Saskatchewan and Quebec also introduced similar systems in their provincial immigration programs recently. Expression of interest systems work through periodic draws. Every draw serves a different pool of candidates, who have varying qualifications. As there is a change in the pool composition, the requirements also change for each draw . Thus, all candidates intending to apply for migration to Canada, must make an effort to attain a high language score .This will increase their overall ranking scores and also improve the chances of immigration to Canada.

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