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The Government in UK has a plan to increase the Immigration Health Surcharge. As a result the overall cost of a UK visas payable by professionals, students, and family members while applying will increase for citizens of India and also of non-EU nations.

The facts of the surcharge

This surcharge was introduced in 2015, and also permits migrants for accessing the National Health Service in their stay in the Kingdom. After its introduction the surcharge made a contribution of £600 million from these citizens who were holding the UK visas valid for more than six months. There is a plan to increase  it on 8th Jan 2019 from £200 to £400 annually. Moreover the discount rate for students and also for members of the Youth Mobility Scheme the increase will be from £150 to £300. All Migrants making an application on after this date have to pay the new rate. The increase will have an impact on all Indian visa applicants. This surcharge is not levied on such immigrants who have the PR status after completing a legal stay period in the Kingdom. There is a strong opposition to this IHS increase by the British Association of Physicians of Indian Origin. They have made a representation to the Home Secretary Sajid Javid to do away with it. BAPIO is presently coordinating with the authorities concerned to meet shortages in the NHS. It recruits Indians on the platform of Earn, then Learn and Return to the country basis. Furthermore, it also believes that this charge is not fair and discriminatory. NHS already faces many difficulties in recruitment and retaining staff; and such measures will further discourage top international graduates in medicine to work for the NHS.

The service is useful to all

Officials in the Home Department feel that it is right for people arriving in the UK to contribute for running the NHS. The surcharge gives access to many comprehensive and low cost Health Care Services in comparison to many other countries. The income created also benefits NHS services directly for protecting and sustaining a world-class healthcare system. Caroline Nokes Immigration urged long-term migrants to make a contribution to sustain NHS. It offers a good deal on health for people living in the UK temporarily. We bring all relevant details regarding such issues. Please keep in touch with us.

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