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UK Planning to Recruit Non-EU Migrant Farm-Workers after Brexit

British vegetable and fruit farmers will be able to hireĀ non-EU migrantsĀ on temporary visas after Brexit to assist ease labor deficiencies through busy periods, the U.K government declared on Thursday.

Dependency of the UK Farming Sector

The farming sector relies massively on European Union workers, and farmers have predicted a shortage of labor since Britain's 2016 vote to quit the bloc will worsen when movement of the freedom rules end, omitting fruit decaying in the fields. The scheme of the pilot will continue from spring 2019 till the December end 2020, through the planned development period following U.K's March 2019 European Union exit, and will enable 2,500 workers from outside the European Union to get to U.K for up to six months. We have heard to the compelling arguments from agriculturalists about the demand for seasonal labor to retain the industry of horticulture fruitful and profitable, Michael Gove, Environment Secretary announced in a statement. This two-year pilot will help the workforce pressures faced by farmers through busy times of the year. We will examine the results of pilot's as we see at how great to encourage the longer-term requirements of the industry outside the European Union. Please subscribe to Migration Ideas newsletters to get more information and updates about Visa and Immigration. We also assist with the smooth and quick visa and immigration process.

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