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Indian and other international students arriving in the UK will get additional time to work, after the completion of their undergraduate/postgraduate degree. Additionally, the changes to this effect were announced by the British government.  The changes do not meet the demand for the post-study work visa (two-year) for which there was a campaign.

The details

Masters and undergraduate students can now work for six months. The doctoral students can work for one year after completing their degree. Moreover, they can apply for a skilled work visa 3 months prior to completing their course. Additionally, they can take up skilled work, after graduation, for two years, if they return to their domicile country.  This package has several measures for helping the strength of overseas student to 600,000 by 2030 from the figures of 460,000 in 2017-2018. Moreover, there will an appointment of the International Education Champion and strategies to improve the visa process. Damian Hinds, secretary of state for education Britain, writes that UK education has to realize its potential. Liam Fox, the Trade secretary said that the sector informs us regarding facing many issues to increase the international footprint.

Welcome changes

Furthermore, Universities UK also welcomed these changes and the decision for launching a cross-departmental strategy regarding the international students, and the changes in the work visa. It will also press the government to reach the next stage and extend the present opportunity for two more years.  Jo Johnson, the Universities minister in the past issued a warning that the Kingdom had to allow two years post study similar to other countries for remaining competitive. Presently, The UK is losing market share in a rapid manner among international students. Also, the UK has not included India in the list of countries from where students seeking the visas will face less strict documentation requirements. Furthermore, the strength of Indian students to the UK increased last year but is below the past levels.

Decrease among Indians

Britain has qualified the decrease, among Indian students, to the shake-up of the system, to eradicate the issue of bogus colleges. India considers that the issue is more complex, centered on the UK offer to the students. It is somewhat lower in comparison to other countries (Germany, Canada, and Australia) which take decisive steps to attract Indian students.

There are concerns regarding the application process also.

The strategy document states that the government will continue to review the process to conduct interviews. This will ensure that they have a focus, and also minimize the inconvenience of the applicants. Britain has announced many policy changes regarding immigration while it is set to leave the European Union.

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