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Canada has observed a rise in the international student's number transitioning to Canadian PR.

Statistics of International Students Getting Canada PR

Higher than 1,000 more prior Study Permit visa holders became Canadian permanent residents in the year 2017 related to the year 2016. Federal government numbers reveal more than 9,400 past students got Canadian PR in 2017, related with 8,250 in the year 2016. The rise follows a continued push by the authorities of immigration to prefer global students as important current Canadian permanent residents.  Canada presently announces more than 400,000 study permits to global students every year. Canadian government pro-student rhetoric has been lined up with policy reforms, including enhanced points for global students below the Canada Express Entry, and particular streams aiming graduates below programs such as the Pilot of Atlantic Immigration. Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada’s information to global students is initially they are welcome to arrive here and study, and secondly, they are welcome to live and develop their careers after they graduate. A 03-step process has been launched in Canada focusing on international students. First, they carry Study Permits during full-time education, second, they become suitable for a Work Permit of Post Graduation, and third, they able to utilize all the experience accumulated to qualify for PR. All these made Canada one of the significant attractive nations in the world for international students regarding their study options. Canadian Universities numbers show a 10.7% rise in the international student's number, Nation-wide. The focus on global students has also appeared at a moment when the U.S. has become a considerably weak attractive choice for immigrants below President Donald Trump. It suggests Canada has been far higher thriving in boosting its international student cohort with one of its principal competitors begun by an administration of staunchly anti-immigration.

International Student Cohort of Canadian Universities in 2017

Province 2017 Increase (%)
Alberta 8.8
British Columbia 15.6
Manitoba 5.6
Newfoundland & Labrador 10.5
New Brunswick -5.7
Nova Scotia 4.2
Ontario 12.7
Prince Edward Island 12.8
Quebec 9.1
Saskatchewan 2
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