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Based on a recent study, 2018 Scoring Canadian Tech Talent report, assessing the Canadian cities for technological talent, Toronto was able to retain the top spot even this year. It had faced competition from several cities. Ottawa and Waterloo were also among the top five. Also, Quebec City, Hamilton, and Halifax were among the top ten. In this report, the assessment was carried out in 20 Canadian cities on the basis of 13 metrics, which broadly were arranged in three important indicators:

Technology - a major force for cities
In fact, the report had the observation that today technology was a major force for building cities. The future of several Canadian cities had a link to their becoming a tech hub.
The Top most Canadian city for tech talent was Toronto, followed by Ottawa, Montreal, Vancouver, Waterloo
The study has also covered the investments made by large tech firms. This list includes Uber, LG, NVIDIA, Samsung and Etsy, in Toronto. Moreover, the city also attracted major office deals from Microsoft, Shopify, Google Touch Bistro, and Open Text.
Top cities for tech jobs
Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Waterloo Region and Ontario registered 63.1 per cent of the total job growth in high-tech sector of Canada in the period 2012-17.  Moreover, Toronto totally created 82,100 new tech jobs in this period. The figure for total tech jobs created in the country was 178,800. Furthermore, in 2017 itself 57,600 jobs were created. Hamilton was at the top in the mid-sized Canadian cities, having a 64.8 percent growth rate. In the poll for small market cities, Oshawa had the first spot having a 71.4 percent job growth rate.
Top cities with a huge tech labor concentration
The four cities of Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, and Ottawa had a share of 60.9 percent in the total tech labor force of the country. The share of Ottawa was high, in Canada as well as in North America, with a tech labor concentration of 11.2 percent. Toronto had the top rank in the concentration of high-tech firms.  Ottawa and Montreal succeeded it. Finally, all tech workers intending to have an attractive career in the tech sector can contact us to receive expert guidance. Please subscribe to Migration Ideas newsletters to get more information and updates about Visa and Immigration. We also assist with the hassle-free and quick visa and immigration process

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