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The Most Powerful Passports In The World For 2019

The Most Powerful Passports In The World For 2019

Based on the recent Henley Passport Index, Australia is among the top ten but the Indian passport faced a decline on the list.

The reasons and the nations

The passport of Japan and Singapore are the most powerful passports in the world during the third quarter of 2019. Their citizens moreover, are in a position to enjoy visa-free access or visa-on-arrival in 189 destinations spread over the world.  Additionally, in the second position on the list there were Finland, South Korea and Germany jointly and they had access to 187 destinations spread over the world.  Denmark, Luxembourg and Italy occupied the third place, with an access to 186 destinations.  Australia occupied the ninth position in the passport ranking having a visa-free access or visa-on-arrival in 180 countries. These are all tourist attractions and present the select few and unique nations in the world.

At the bottom was Afghanistan in the global mobility range, as its citizens were able to access 25 destinations, in the world, without taking a prior visa.

Based on select data

 This ranking is arrived at on select data of the International Air Transport Association that maintains the accurate database dealing with the travel information. Such data is the largest in the world.

Explaining the Powerful Passports in the World

1. Singapore, Japan, - access to 189 countries

2. Finland, South Korea, Germany, - access to 187 countries

3. Italy, Denmark, Luxembourg - access to 186 countries

4. France, Sweden, Spain,- access to 185 countries

5. Austria, Portugal, Netherlands, Switzerland - access to 184 countries

6. Canada, Belgium, Greece, Norway, Ireland, the United Kingdom, USA - access to 183 countries

7. Malta- access to 182 countries

8. Czech Republic- access to 181 countries

9. Iceland, Australia, New Zealand Lithuania, - access to 180 countries

Weak passports

1. Afghanistan - access to 25 countries

2. Iraq - access to 27 countries

3. Syria - access to 29 countries

4. Pakistan - access to 30 countries

5. Somalia - access to 31 countries

The world needs visa-openness

With some exceptions, these rankings in the Henley Passport Index demonstrate that countries in the world look to visa-openness as an essential factor to achieve economic and social progress, in an increasing manner. A Discussion on global mobility and passport power focuses on the benefits accruing to the countries that have a strong passport. this unique research also confirms the fact that  a lot of nations knew already instinctively: that bigger openness in visa, offers a benefit to the whole international community, and it is not limited to the strong countries.

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