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Study in Germany: Students can Apply for Scholarships in Top Universities

Study in Germany
Germany is set on the path of becoming a famous educational hub for global students and has a special focus on high-quality education. The country is planning to achieve a 7 percent yearly increase for Indian students. Moreover, 15,308 Indian students were studying in German universities in 2017-18. Additionally, there is a subsidized academic fee for higher education and the ease of obtaining a post-education work-permit.

There is also growing popularity among students wishing to study abroad. The country also has a student-friendly policy that is a major contributory factor for an inflow of global students.

Moreover, Germany is relatively less expensive in comparison to other leading global destinations in higher education.

The BAMF (the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees – Germany) announced that an amount of €750 per month equivalent to €8640 annually is sufficient for an international student for staying and studying there.

A Scholarship in Germany is advantageous to Indian students.  It allows them to study nearly free of cost. There are many Government Scholarships, teaching assistantships, research assistance like DAAD fellowships that allow Indians to obtain merit-based benefits. Additionally, Germany has introduced ways for Indians to avail federal education loans under special circumstances.

The BAföG loans are a form of financial aid for the Indian students that are interest-free loans paying for their education in Germany. Persons of Indian Origin, children of diplomats, and finally students holding a special visa can apply for these loans. Furthermore, some popular scholarship programs are:-

HWK Fellowships for International Students in Germany

HWK in Delmenhorst awards a fellowship to post-doctoral researchers/ senior scientists and top scientists. There are Regular/ Junior Fellowships in the range of three to ten months to study in Germany.

University of Mannheim Deutschland Scholarship,

It is introduced by the Mannheim University, and this scholarship is a scholarship program, based on merit. Moreover, Enrolled students belonging to all fields pursuing graduation, state examination or post-graduation, a degree in the standard period of their study in Germany in the University of Mannheim can seek it. It Awards €300 per month

GSLS Fellowship, University of Würzburg, Germany

This fellowship is on offer for Ph.D. fellows for a period of three years. It also includes financial support and a financial arrangement for travel costs, consumables and other expenses. The eligibility norms are the applicant pursuing an M.Sc./Diploma university degree in life sciences obtained in the last two years. The applicant also must learn basic German, for which there is training, and an eagerness to work in an interdisciplinary/international environment. It is an Award of €5000 per year.

DAAD Internships in Science and Engineering, WISE

This scholarship program is provided by the German Academic Exchange Service for promoting Indian students to pursue cross border learning. There is an internship also with a chance to work with scientists, doctoral students, and professors on their on-going research projects. The Undergraduates pursuing Mathematics, Science, and Engineering in their final/ pre-final years can apply for it. It is an Award of € 650 per month,

Humboldt Research Track Scholarship

This is specific to Ph.D. applicants intending to pursue studies in Germany. It supports students with a Master’s degree in all disciplines by offering a transition grant from the Master’s program to the Ph.D. program. It is an Award of € 800 for 6 months, and also € 400 per month for expenses of children of the scholars.

Boehringer Ingelheim Fonds Ph.D. Fellowship

Indian Scientists can avail this scholarship for pursuing biomedical research and achieve a Ph.D. at a premier German Institution of higher education. It also provides funds to conduct scientific research and opt for laboratory or field experiments during the stay in Germany. It Awards a Monthly allowance of € 1550, and a research allowance of € 150 accompanied by other allowances for spouse/children for 24 months.

The Einstein Fellowship, Germany

The Einstein Forum accompanied by Daimler and Benz Foundation provides this fellowship for the Indian students who study social sciences, humanities, or natural sciences. It provides funds for research and monthly allowances for students to conduct interdisciplinary research in the area of specialization. Students do not require holding a Ph.D. degree for this fellowship. They should not align with any of their previous research.

We bring all such details and you can contact us for further information.

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