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South Africa promises Fast-track visa applications for Indians

South African tourism was conducting an annual road show in Kolkata with the purpose of increasing the number of visitors to South Africa.


The Tourism Department has taken an initiative to simplify and reform the process visa application. This was stated by, Neliswa Nkani, occupying the position of the Hub Head in South African tourism. There is an effort for easing the visa procedure, and the department has a plan to collaborate with the Consulate of South Africa. The aim here is to fast-track visa applications, and it also assures that the applicants receive it in 5-7 days. This time limit is lesser in comparison to competitors who take around 30 days for this process. The reason for this decision was that Kolkata was the Indian city which had a low turnout among Indian visitors to the country in 2018.

The share of top cities

The share of Mumbai was 45 percent, of Delhi it was 17.4 percent, and Chennai - 7.7 percent. Furthermore, the last spot was for Kolkata with 1.6 percent. Last month, Derek Hanekom the Tourism Minister of South Africa said that the ministry had a plan of rolling out a simple e-visa process for boosting its tourism.  The Tourism Ministry awaits the signatory process between the two governments and this is a time-consuming process. Additionally, the government in South African is working hard to facilitate the process of visa simplification.

A direct airline service

Furthermore, The Tourism Board is holding talks with India for starting a direct airline service from Mumbai/Delhi. There can be a sizable increase in case there are direct flights between the two nations. There are some talks around commencing a new plan. Finally, the tourism board will promote new regions as well as iconic cities like Johannesburg, Cape Town, and Durban. There will be a set of new adventure activities comprising of Long Tom Toboggan rides, mountain boarding, and interesting bike tours also. All these will provide an enriching experience to the Indian visitors and spur the growth of tourism. We bring the details of all such trends and developments. Interested persons can contact us.

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