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Saskatchewan Province ready for Inviting fresh Immigrant Entrepreneurs.

Saskatchewan has started a plan for conducting its latest draw for the Entrepreneur stream on July 18th. All Potential candidates who are interested in business immigration must give their expressions of interest urgently to the Saskatchewan Immigration Nominee Program for consideration. Previously, the draw for this stream took place on April 18th, 2018. It issued 231 invitations in the score range from 90 to 135 points. The largest draw of the entrepreneur stream of the province was held in October 2017 which issued a total of 265 invitations.

Details of Entrepreneur Stream Invitations

Date Lowest score Average score Highest score Number of invitations
Apr-18 90 100 135 231
Jan-18 80 95 145 251
Oct-17 80 100 135 265
Jul-17 80 100 145 98
May-17 80 105 140 142
Mar-17 95 110 135 107
Dec-16 120 120 130 14
Sep-16 110 115 135 57
May-16 110 120 155 88
Oct-15 110 125 155 70
  The Saskatchewan immigration Entrepreneur stream has a three-stage process: 1. Expression of interest 2. Invitation for submitting the application 3. Nomination The E.O.I. must meet the following entry requirements: • Minimum net worth of $500,000, which must have a legal acquisition. • Minimum three years of entrepreneurial/relevant experience of management.                                                          • Investment of $300,000 in Saskatoon / Regina, or $200,000 is other regions of Saskatchewan. The Candidates entering the pool obtain a score. Furthermore, the candidates who get the top score also receive invitations for submitting the application.

Features of an Application:

• A Business Establishment Plan, which confirms figures mentioned in EOI, and includes one third ownership of a company in Saskatchewan, (unless the amount of investment is $1 million or above).                                              • Commitment for participation in daily business management. • Creating two (or more jobs) for citizens or PRs of Canada when the business is located in Saskatoon / Regina. The SINP website also states that the SINP has the right to assess Business Establishment Plans by professional third parties. They are identified, by the government, and the exercise is conducted by third parties, with a focus on the preparation and diligence, of the applicant, while preparing the planned business scenario.

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