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A rural pilot immigration program would be an essential tool in promoting Canada Immigration to drive new immigrants to live in smaller societies. While the large majority of immigrants live in big cities, few Canada’s most acute labor deficiencies are observed in rural areas. The Atlantic Immigration Pilot program is employer-driven, and it already sees notable success in the Marine provinces. Now the national government must consider a related program in other rural areas, with the Northern Ontario mayors already voicing their support. Creating such a program should consider all appropriate factors and conditions.

Rural Area Definition

The initial step towards a pilot immigration program for regional Canada could be come up with an adequate definition for a regional area. A cut-off population of approximately 15,000 is a single way of defining a rural population.

Recognizing In-Demand Jobs

Researches have shown NOC C and D category jobs – middle-skilled occupations – are in higher demand in regional areas. Several rural areas could have various requirements depending on how the economy of the community is structured. Just copying programs of urban won’t work. To bring immigrants and to concurrently protect local candidates, the program may require to define extensive categories and drop it to the government of province or local to conclude in-demand occupations. Promoting rural organizations to utilize the job bank will promote a greater opinion of the rural employment market.

Pilot Program Duration

Similar to the A.I.P, the rural pilot program too should be launched for minimum three years. Recognizing the achievement of the A.I.P, the government can count a 05-year duration. It will support the government to get more data about immigration in rural populations. A rural pilot program will assist expand the scope of immigration in Canada, decrease the pressure on cities, and support the government examine innovative ways to promote the population and growth of the economy. Please subscribe to Migration Ideas newsletters to get the latest information and updates about Visa and Immigration. We also support people with hassle-free and speed visa and immigration process.

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