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The deadline for communities - March 1, 2019- to submit their application for participating in the Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot of Canada is approaching fast. This is a five-year pilot open to all provinces which meet its requirements outside Quebec and the Atlantic region.


It has an aim to help small communities which have an aging population and also suffer from the labor shortage. They face a struggle to attract/retain fresh immigrants. Furthermore, the pilot began in 2019 after the success of the Atlantic Immigration Pilot. Moreover, the announcement regarding the selected Communities will be made in spring 2019. Additionally, new permanent resident candidates will be identified.

The list Provinces/Territories covered by this Pilot are:

  • Alberta
  • Manitoba
  • British Columbia
  • Northwest Territories
  • Nunavut
  • Saskatchewan
  • Ontario and finally,
  • Yukon

Pilot: Community Requirements

All Communities must have the following:
  • A population of 50,000 with a location at least 75km far from the center of a Census Metropolitan Area, or
  • A population of 200,000 persons appearing remote from other large cities, as per Statistics-Canada Remoteness-Index.
  • Job opportunities, accompanied by an economic development plan.
  • A local economic development organization to manage the pilot for the community
  • Settlement of new immigrants in the community through having /developing:
  • Relationships with local or organizations serving regional immigrants,
  • Opportunities to connect fresh arrivals with established community members and finally,
  • Access to major services like Education, Transportation, Housing, and Health care,
  • Communities must obtain letters of support from:
  • The local leaders/ municipality and from a local organization or a body serving regional immigrants

Method of Applying to the Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot

They need to submit a completed application that includes:
  • Community Interest Form available on the website of the Federal Government
  • An economic development plan that was¬†written during the past three years.
  • A letter of support of the Municipal Leader and finally,
  • A letter of support from a local or regional organization serving immigrants

Moreover, the application can include Letters of support obtained from:

  • Major employers, or Community members or also from Demographic /economic data
The Economic Development Organization needs to complete the application, prior to March 1st, 2019. It must have Economic development vital for its mandate along with an Economic development plan, which comes under a broader plan. The final requirement is available resources for participating in the pilot. Some of the Examples are:
  • Chamber of commerce
  • Community futures organization
  • Other independent or economic development organization (not-for-profit) and finally,
  • A Hybrid organization of the municipality having Independent Board of Directors comprising the stakeholders of the community.

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