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Quebec overhauls immigration and intends to remove 18,000 skilled-worker applications

The government of Quebec run by the Coalition Avenir Québec has a plan to remove the backlog of 18,000 skilled-worker applications. Additionally, there are a few changes in the immigration laws of the province. There will be an emphasis on French language skills and regional labor requirements.

 The features

The reason behind the tabling of Bill 9 as per provincial Immigration Minister Simon Jolin-Barrette is to start afresh. It will pursue a personalized policy to addresses the worker shortage.  The people from all corners of the world will also get a chance to come to Quebec. Furthermore, there will be a condition to learn French and also know the Quebec values to lead a good life. The current system is based on the timing of arrival and not on meeting the requirements of the labor market. Changing that, there will be a profile of the candidate to match with the requirements of the job.

It has goals

Furthermore, this Bill has an amendment to the Immigration Act clarifying its goals. There is a focus on ensuring the learning of French and integration into the democratic values expressed in the Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms. It also empowers the immigration minister in imposing some conditions on overseas nationals who seek the PR status. The aim is to ensure that they meet regional labor needs, and can have the social, linguistic and economic integration in the province. The bill also has no specifications regarding implementation. The values test was a campaign pledge in the election of the Coalition Avenir Québec. Experts question if it is legal under Canadian law.

Applicants will get money refund

The bill has an aim to meet labor market requirements by successful immigrant integration. Moreover, all application before Aug. 2, 20,18 will be void.  There are 18,000 applicants waiting for a reply regarding the application from the past. The cost of these applications will be reimbursed, which is $19 million. Furthermore, this cancellation of skilled worker applications will hurt the image at the international level. The bill will require a vote by the National Assembly, where the Coalition has a majority.

Focus on fewer immigrants

The CAQ has a plan to reduce the immigration numbers. The present target of Quebec to accept immigrants this year is 40,000, which was 50,000 last year. These cuts have caused concern in the businesses which deal with a labor shortage. The unemployment rate had reached 6.1 percent last year. With the emphasis on the labor market needs in the province outside of large cities, some people are happy.  Finally, Experts are trying to find out the meaning of the changes for new arrivals.

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