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Canada Immigration mentions that the French-speaking foreign doctors arriving to work in specific areas in Quebec will get an exemption from the requirements of LMIA as per the significant benefit rules.

The details

The reason behind the move is meeting the requirements of the Quebec Health Department, which lacks French-speaking physicians, in many areas. The authorities issued a program delivery update to this effect. Moreover, IRCC is committed to making the process of obtaining the work permit easier. There will be an LMIA exemption in code C10 showing significant benefit. The terms are that the persons applying from foreign areas will qualify for application processing in two-weeks by using the GTS. That is a part of the Global Skills Strategy.

The qualifying norms

The qualifying norms are that the foreign physicians need 1) Selection for the Assessment Period/Adaptation Period of 13 weeks consecutively, which includes seven days of observation. Moreover, this has to be in a clinical setting of a university or as designated by the Medical Collège of Québec or 2) Subsequently obtaining the limited permit of CMQ, that has validity of five years, and such persons can submit an application to get the work permit. Doctors with a permit to practice regularly do not qualify here, because it is not obligatory for them, to work in such areas.

Other norms

Foreign physicians can qualify to get the LMIA exemption when they meet these requirements:
  • Completing the application.
  • Having the Letter to hire for the eligibility application for a limited permit from the MSSS. It must have the details of the prominent benefits.
  • Work contract Copy containing the details of the agreement of financial help between the overseas physician, healthcare facility, and the MSSS.
  • Confirmation letter Copy of the CMQ, mentioning that the overseas physician was admitted in the adaptation/ assessment period or a copy of the CMQ letter mentioning that the overseas physician has the restricted permit.
  • Complete Employment Offer of the CMQ, making use of the Portal which covers the assessment/adaptation period or employment offer of from the healthcare facility which covers the restricted permit. This offer must also mention the period of work of the applicant. The maximum employment period is 5 years.
  • A thorough medical examination that is valid.
  • It must be paid in full and needs submission at the commencement of the process. Failure in complying will lead to refusal of Applications.
  • The Acceptance Certificate of the province is not necessary.
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