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The current Quebec Immigrant Investor Program reopened on September 10, 2018, to allow 1,900 new appeals. A modern overhaul attended the Quebec immigration ministry (M.I.D.I) grow the investment threshold and the requirement of net worth below the program. The improvements were the primary in eight years for the Q.I.I.P. The current program has an investment demand of $ 1.2 million, up from $ 800,000. The qualifying net worth value increases to $ 2 million, up from $ 1.6 million.

Quebec Immigrant Investor Program Latest Requirements

  • The legally obtained CAD 2 million personal net worth;
  • Suitable management of two years or business experience in the five years before the application;
  • CAD 1.2 million Investment into a passive government assured investment for a period of five years showing no interest;
  • Intend to live in the Quebec province.
In the year 1986, Created the Quebec Investor program is the biggest and most famous in Canadian program of business and investment immigration. The 2018/2019 window application runs till March 15, 2019. A maximum of 1,235 appeals will be allowed from China, Hong Kong, Macau and up to 665 from outside. Candidates with excellent intermediate abilities in the French language are not subjected to limitations quota. Since the federal government finished its version in 2014, the Quebec program has controlled the immigration of Canadian business landscape. It allows more immigrants of business than all the programs of provincial nomination combined, estimating for $ 1 billion in straight investment to the province since its beginning.

2018 Quebec Economic Immigration Goals

Category Minimum Maximum
Economic immigration 28,700 31,300
  • Skilled worker
24,200 26,300
  • Business
4,000 4,300
  • Other economic*
500 700
The revised Q.I.I.P is one of many changes made to the landscape of immigration in the province.

Quebec Immigrant Entrepreneur Program

The Quebec Immigrant Entrepreneur Program strives to recruit people who have the skills and experience to manage the province business. The conditions to appeal are different depending on the preferred stream.

Stream 1

This stream consists in operating a business in the Quebec province that the applicant created solely or with other partners (of which only three can be international nationals), with the help from an accelerator of business, an incubator of business or an entrepreneurship center University.

Stream 2

To appeal below this stream, the entrepreneur should manage minimum 25% of the shares of a new enterprise, or minimum 51% of an obtained enterprise, which should have a value equivalent or greater than the funds required to begin the business project. Please subscribe to Migration Ideas newsletters to get more information and updates about Visa and Immigration. We also assist with the smooth and quick visa and immigration process.

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