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Quebec Government Scraps 16,000 Immigration Applications

Quebec Government Scraps 16,000 Immigration Applications
Quebec’s National Assembly has passed a Bill 9, leading to a controversy because this immigration legislation means scrapping of 16,000 applications of skilled workers. The bill became law at 4 AM on June 16. Upon its introduction, Bill 9 had an aim of scrapping 18,000 applications. The impact was on nearly 40,000 people. While 2,000 applications were processed after the Quebec Superior Court ruled regarding the matter in February.

Skilled Worker Backlog Quebec - February 2019



Number of pending applications



working/studying in Quebec



Number of applications concluded monthly 2015



Number of applications accepted monthly 2015



After The Bill 9 was passed, a framework was established for conducting the Quebec values test for fresh immigrants. Presently this situation offers the province a clean slate to start the operation of the new System in the Quebec Expression of Interest.


The system -‘Arrima’, works in the same way as the Canadian Express Entry, where the candidates complete a profile (self-assessed) into the EOI pool. The High scoring candidates are drawn from the pool and get the invitation to apply for provincial immigration.

The Quebec immigration ministry opened the EOI system in September 2018. There was a backlog in the old system, and the officials did not draw any profiles from that pool.

In February 2019 as per a Report 90,000 candidates had submitted profiles to the Quebec EOI pool. The present number is likely to go beyond 100,000.

The Bill 9 has cleared the existing backlog. Additionally, the next step is conducting fresh draws in Expression of Interest.

 Working of the Quebec Expression of Interest

1.   The first step is that the Candidates have to submit the Expression Of Interest Profile to the MIDI - online.

2.   Profiles enter a pool, where they get a rank and are valid for 12-months.

3.   Profiles are classified in two categories based on the location of candidates. The first are those living in Quebec /have a job offer and meet the exact criteria, and the second are those candidates living outside Quebec and also meet the exact criteria.

4.   The top ranking candidates receive an Invitation to Apply for a Quebec Certificate of Selection in its Quebec Skilled Worker Program.

5.   Quebec also conducts draws periodically, inviting candidates for submitting the applications to get the Quebec Certificate Of Selection.

6.   Candidates get 90 days to submit a full application after receiving the invitation.

7.   Approved candidates receiving the nomination certificate can apply for permanent residence in Canada.

It will decrease the waiting time

Simon Jolin-Barrette, Immigration Minister, Quebec says that the new EOI system will lead to the decrease in waiting time to 6 months from 36 months for all the applications in Quebec Skilled Worker.

The Express Entry system was successful after its launch in 2015. Moreover, it serves as a benchmark for the entire world for top class immigration.

Additionally at the federal level, the backlog regarding the existing applications was not scrapped. Officials worked and processed all existing applications.

Lawmakers of the Opposition in Quebec, urged the CAQ to turn around their plan of scrapping the existing applications. They hugely impact many persons who already live and work in the province. CAQ used its majority and passed the legislation in the National Assembly.

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