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Q3 2018 is A Remarkable Quarter for Canada Express Entry with 22,800 ITA's

A remarkable feature of Express Entry draws during the third quarter of 2018 was the consistency of C.R.S. There were six all-program draws, held during the quarter where the range of C.R.S. was in between 440 and 442. Additionally, this measure shows the maturity of profiles and the Invitations issued.

  • In the third quarter, 22,800 candidates received the invitation, seeking Canadian immigration. This was the most in this year, during one quarter.
  • There was a big draw of the year here, which was also the second-biggest in all time. In the 18th draw in Sep 2018, 3,900 Invitations  were issued
  • There was also a 100th E.E. draw, achieved 45 months after commencement of the system in Jan 2015.

 Q-3 2018 Statistics

  • 22,800 Invitations were issued in the third quarter, but in Q-3 of 2017, the figure was 14,933.
  • In the first nine months of 2018, 62,500 Invitations were issued, but in the same period of 2017 - 69,440 were issued.
  • September 5th draw was biggest and invited 3,900 candidates.
  • Minimum score for all-program draws was in the range of 440-442. 12 out of 18 all-program draws during the year had this range.
  • There were 20 draws in first 9 months now but in 2017 there were 22 draws.
  • During the third quarter there were three consecutive draws with a score of 440.
  • In 2017 the scores were as low as 413 and 415, but they peaked at 468 and 459 also.
  •  2018 had a growth in the Invitations from 17,500 to 22,800.

Total Invitations- some features

  • Canada now has an ambitious three year plan for immigration. There is a possibility of large draws continuing in the year.
  • The successful candidates in the second half of 2018 are likely to arrive in the country, during the quarters ending March and June 2019.
  • There is a precise target for immigrants, and there can be continuous issue of Invitations.
  • In 2017, the Express Entry managed the complete immigrant intake. Additionally, in the past there was a backlog of earlier years, when immigration was conducted, as per the timing of arrival route.
  • The final draw for all programs in the third quarter issued 3,500 Invitations.

ITAs per Express Entry Draw, 2018

I.R.C.C. sets an exact draw size and therefore the number of Invitations can be adjusted. Moreover, in the past, there was no system, to separate profiles of similar scores. This is based on the date of submitting profiles. Hence the officials can decide the exact number of Invitations.

I.T.A.s Comparison for Four Years

In the third quarter of the present year the figure for Invitations was the third highest in E.E history.

Total Third Quarter I.T.A.s 2015-2018

  • A view of the Invitations issued in the first three quarters, shows that 2018 was not ahead of 2017 when there were 7,000 Invitations.
  • Moreover, there is a possibility of that gap closing by year end.

Express Entry for 2018/19

The immigration levels plan will target 81,400 skilled immigrants in 2019. This figure will help the authorities to continue momentum. This figure increased by 6,500 over 2018 (74,900) Some adjustments may happen in November, when Immigration Minister speaks to parliament but the figures will mostly remain the same with no major change. The immigration level target can also be extended to 2021. Finally, this offers several opportunities to E.E candidates, to get an I.T.A. for Canada immigration. They can get a good score and advance towards realizing their immigration dream. At Migration Ideas we bring all the latest updates news and information for our patrons. Please stay in touch with us.

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