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Prince Edward Island will hold Express Entry Draws on July 18

Prince Edward Island

Prince Edward Island will hold a new immigration draw to target immigration candidates in the skilled workers and entrepreneurs on July 18th, 2019.

The PEI Provincial Nominee Program draw will have a focus on such candidates who belong to the Labor Impact, Express Entry, and Business Impact streams.

PEI had begun the system of Expression of Interest in 2018, and has held monthly draws.

The expected Dates 2019 for PEI Expression of Interest Draw are:

  • 18th July
  • 15th August
  • 19th September
  • 17th October
  • 21st November
  • 19th December

In the draws held so far in 2019, it has invited 787 candidates, of which 671 are through the Labor Impact/Express Entry streams and 116 are through the Business Impact stream.

PEI PNP Immigration Draws 2019



Invites Issued

Minimum Score


Labor Impact/Express Entry



Business Impact




Labor Impact/Express Entry



Business Impact




Labor Impact/Express Entry



Business Impact




Labor Impact/Express Entry



Business Impact




Labor Impact/Express Entry



Business Impact




Labor Impact/Express Entry



Business Impact



The province had issued 1,446 invitations in 2018. Additionally among these, 1,240 were in Labor Impact and Express Entry candidates, and 206 were for Business Impact candidates. It held the largest draw on Oct 18, 2018, and invited 297 candidates.

PEI Labor Impact Category

Express Entry category of PEI works after considering candidates existing in the federal EE Pool for its provincial nomination. It adds 600 points to the CRS of a candidate which is a successful guarantee to get the ITA for immigration.

It has two pathways to get the permanent residence, in Canada catering firstly for candidates having the Job Offer and secondly for those without having a Job Offer.

Prince Edward Island Labor Impact Category

1) Skilled Worker Stream

This stream focuses on employers and allows in skilled workers having the employment offer in the Island to get the Canada PR nomination when they successfully meet this criteria:

An employment offer for full time from a PEI business in a skill level “0”, “A” or “B” occupation of National Occupational Classification;

  • Completing post-secondary education, and at least 14 years of official education;
  • The age must be between 21 and 55 years;
  • Two years work experience for full time during the last five years;
  • Proficiency in English/French to get the employment on offer;
  • Adequate settlement funds;
  • Clear intention to settle in PEI

2) Critical Worker Stream

This category specifically addresses labor shortages and attracts overseas workers who already work in PEI in specific significant demand occupations. The nomination criteria are:

An employment of full time from a PEI business in any of these occupations:

  • Truck drivers;
  • Customer service representatives;
  • Laborers;
  • Food & beverage servers;
  • Attendants in Housekeeping
  1. 6 months work experience in the local business that offers employment;
  2. Present and valid Canada work permit;
  3. High school diploma and 12 years of official education;
  4. The age must be between 21 and 55 years;
  5. Two years work experience for full time during the last five years;
  6. Proficiency in English/French to get the employment on offer;
  7. Adequate settlement funds;
  8. Clear intention to settle in PEI 

PEI Business Impact Category - Work Permit Stream

All persons applying under this stream have to obtain the work permit and also work for a local business for a specific time based on the Performance Agreement.

After fulfilling the Agreement applicants must invest at least $150,000 in the business and also give a commitment to manage it on a day to day basis within PEI.

Before also the PEI had operated direct PR business streams, but closed them in Sep 2018 after an issue of immigration fraud.

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