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The Provincial Nominee Program of the Prince Edward Island conducts monthly draws every year. It covers the immigration streams for Express Entry, Labor Impact as well as Business Impact candidates.

Dates for PNP

2019 Draw Dates are as follows:

January 17 February 21 March 21 April 18 May 16 June 20 July 18 August 15 September 19 October 17 November 21 December 19 The Island had issued 1,446 invitations in 2018 when it first started operations under the Expression of Interest system. 1,240 invitations were for Labor Impact and Express Entry candidates and 206 for Business Impact candidates. It conducted the largest draw on Oct 18, 2018, and also invited 297 candidates.

Details of PEI Immigration 2018 EOI Draws

Date Category Invites Issued Score Range
20-Dec-18 Labor Impact/Express Entry 65 N/A
Business Impact 9 130
15-Nov-18 Labor Impact/Express Entry 147 N/A
Business Impact 29 130
18-Oct-18 Labor Impact/Express Entry 270 N/A
Business Impact 27 135
20-Sep-18 Labor Impact/Express Entry 116 N/A
Business Impact 8 152
16-Aug-18 Labor Impact/Express Entry 111 N/A
Business Impact 7 145
19-Jul-18 Labor Impact/Express Entry 75 N/A
Business Impact 50 135 (minimum)
21-Jun-18 Labor Impact 60 N/A
Express Entry 32 N/A
Business Impact 43 140-157
17-May-18 Labor Impact 56 N/A
Express Entry 22 N/A
19-Apr-18 Labor Impact 77 22-85
Express Entry 75 37-87
Business Impact 17 135-142
15-Mar-18 Labor Impact/Express Entry 72 N/A
Business Impact 7 135-142
15-Feb-18 Labor Impact/Express Entry 59 N/A
Business Impact 9 117-140

PEI Express Entry Stream

The Express Entry category of PEI operates after considering candidates existing already in the federal EE Pool seeking the provincial nomination. Success in this nomination adds 600 points to the CRS score of a candidate and serves as an effective guarantee to get the ITA for Canadian immigration. There are two pathways to seek PR in the PEI EE Category. One of them is for candidates who have a job offer and another for the candidates who do not have a job offer.

PEI Labor Impact Category

1) Skilled Worker Stream

This stream has a focus on employers and allows skilled workers having the employment offer in PEI to earn a PR nomination when they meet these criteria:
  • Getting A full-time-employment-offer from a business in PEI occupation having the classification as skill level “0”, “A”/“B” of the NOC;
  • Completing post-secondary education, and also having the formal education of 14 years;
  • Age in the 21 and 55 years bracket;
  • 2 years full-time work experience during the last 5 years;
  • proficiency in English/French to perform the employment duties;
  • Furthermore, Settlement funds are compulsory;
  • An intention to settle in PEI.

2) Critical Worker Stream

This category caters to resolve labor shortages. Moreover, it is open to overseas workers already employed in PEI in specific demand occupations. The criteria for nomination here are:
  • A full-time employment offer of Prince Edward Island business as Truck drivers; Customer service representatives; Laborers; Food & beverage servers; and Housekeeping attendants.
  • 6 months work experience also in the PEI business which offers employment;
  • Valid and Current work permit;
  • High school diploma and also 12 years formal education;
  • Age in the 21 and 55 years bracket;
  • 2 years of full-time work experience during the last 5 years;
  • Proficiency in English/French to perform the employment duties;
  • Furthermore, Settlement funds are compulsory;
  • An intention to settle in PEI.

PEI Business Impact Category Work Permit Stream

Persons applying under the P.E.I. Work Permit Stream need to get a work permit and also work for a local business for a definite time as per the Performance Agreement. After fulfilling the Performance Agreement, the candidate has to make an investment of $150,000 in the business. Additionally, he/she has to manage the business on a day to day basis from within the Island We bring all the details and interested persons can contact us.

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