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Prince Edward Island is a small province of Canada but is a major leader in immigration. The recent figures show that the Island extends a welcome to the newest permanent residents in comparison to the population of any province in Canada. The rate here is 1.37 percent but the national average is hardly 0.87 percent. Moreover, the data of the Federal government regarding new PRs for the Period of Dec- 2017 to Nov 2018, shows the level of new immigrants which provinces attract.


The province of Saskatchewan was close with 1.32 percent of the population in that period. Manitoba had a rate of 1.1 percent. Moreover, the Federal Government in Canada has an ambitious plan to increase its immigration levels to one percent of the population in the next two years. There is clarity regarding the provinces which can accommodate this increase. PEI is ahead, but the other Atlantic Provinces are at the bottom in the percentages. Newfoundland & Labrador has new permanent residents at 0.29 percent of the population and the figure for New Brunswick is 0.59 percent. Finally, for Nova Scotia, it is 0.62 percent. This data reveals the focus of the Federal Government to bring additional new immigrants to the region by using its Atlantic Immigration Pilot. There is an estimate that this program will bring by 2020, 4,000 new immigrants annually, in the Atlantic region.


Moreover, the Quebec, province is also at the bottom and has welcomed new PRs at 0.61 percent of the population in that period. Quebec has a unique individual immigration target and manages the intake of its own Economic Class. There is a government plan to reduce immigration level by 20 percent in 2019. Presently, the target is 40,000 but in the past, it was 50,000 newcomers.

Provincial Population



Newfoundland and Labrador


Prince Edward Island


Nova Scotia

New Brunswick









British Columbia




New Permanent Residents

Statistics regarding new permanent residents demonstrate that Ontario welcomed three times more immigrants in comparison to Quebec in that period. Moreover, it was the destination for 140,000 fresh immigrants from Dec 2017 to Nov 2018. The national total was 325,000. Ontario has a population of 14.5 million and the new PR percentage is 0.97 percent, which is more than the national average. Alberta also had 0.97 % and it extended the welcome to 42,190 immigrants in that period. Finally, British Columbia welcomed 45,050 newcomers representing 0.9 percent of the population. Please subscribe to Migration Ideas newsletters to get the latest information and updates about Visa and Immigration. We also support people with hassle-free and speed visa and immigration process.

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