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IRCC of the Canadian government has planned distinct pathways to assign the residency status to the professionals and skilled laborers. The Provincial Nominee Programs of are an effortless pathway to obtain the PR in Canada. Canada is an attractive and famous destination for foreigners from all over the world. The government also comprehends the various advantages that they bring. Moreover, it encourages migration and has a simple procedure for migrants. Moving to Canada by using the Express Entry Programs is an alternative for skilled professionals from across the world. It was introduced in January 2015. In the third quarter of 2018, Canada issued 22,800 invitations to apply for the PR. Opting for a Provincial Nomination Program with their EE profiles is smart for candidates. These PNPs are managed by the different areas of Canada. Their aim is to welcome able candidates as per their requirements. Canada is distinct and enriched and offers a great scope of social and business prospects. We bring all the facts regarding the streams, urban communities, and qualities of all territories and provinces.

British Columbia: British Columbia Provincial Nomination Program
Capital: Victoria
Population: 4.4 million
Biggest urban area: Vancouver
Major Industries: ranger service, angling and mining of gold and silver and other minerals. There are many Independent companies and British Columbians love to work in the private sector. Additionally it has a thriving travel industry. British Columbia has a lot of Start-Up action and is a leader in innovation also. It is fruitful for candidates to aim for British Columbia Start-Up Visa.
Alberta: Alberta Immigration Provincial Nominee Program
Population: 3,645,257
Capital: Edmonton
Major City: Calgary
Primary Industries: The province leads in agricultural business and ranger service. There are oil sands, coal and flammable gas also. Alberta has a route to Immigration through the Federal Skilled Trades Program which needs many semi-skilled workers for its progress.
Saskatchewan: Saskatchewan Provincial Nominee Program
Population: 1,033,381
Capital: Regina
Biggest City: Saskatoon
Primary Industries: Saskatchewan offers 95% of its products from its abundance of regular assets. These are oil and gas, grains, domestic animals, potash, uranium and wood. Moreover many individuals work in the assembling sector creating synthetic compounds, sustenance and drinks, apparatus and wood items. Saskatchewan is a dynamic and ideal destination for foreigners to Canada.
Manitoba: Manitoba Provincial Nomination Program
Population: 1,208,268
Capital/biggest city: Winnipeg
Principle ventures: Wheat is a very important harvest in Manitoba. Assembling sector has the apparatus, sustenance, transportation hardware and dresses in Manitoba. Another major area is mining.
Ontario: Ontario Immigration Nominee Program
Population: 12,851,821
Capital/biggest city: Toronto
Fundamental Industries: Assembling is vital here and it has 14 plants managed by seven of the top vehicle producers of the world. There is an Innovation Triangle based in Toronto, Waterloo and Ottawa specializing in Data and Technology. Ranger service is also an important industry in Ontario. There is a vibrant culture in its urban areas.
Quebec: Quebec Skilled Worker Program
Population: 7,903,001
Capital: Quebec City
Biggest City: Montreal
Principle Industries: Quebec is famous for having a vast French speaking population. Moreover, there is a thriving travel industry, and a programming and business sector in Montreal. There are headquarters of Aviation organizations, and air transport associations. Its mining and ranger service industry can produce billions of income. Hydro-Quebec is a pioneer in generating hydroelectric power. It has a distinct migration programs and its requirements and qualifications are different from the Federal streams.
New Brunswick: New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program
Capital: Fredericton
Population: 751,171
Principle Industries: New Brunswick has a flourishing assembling and travel industry. Additionally the economy in New Brunswick depends on forestry, angling, ranger service, and mining sectors.
Nova Scotia: Nova Scotia Provincial Nominee Program
Capital: Halifax
Population: 921,727
Primary Industries: It has a shoreline on the Atlantic Ocean. There are bases and it also has a mining sector.
PEI: Prince Edward Provincial Nominee Program
Capital: Charlottetown
Population: 140,204
Principle Industries: This area is famous for its tasty potatoes also for a good horticultural sector. Travel industry and private companies provide employment on this island.
Newfoundland and Labrador
Capital: St. John’s
Population: 514,536
Principle Industries:There are top enterprises in Newfoundland and Labrador in forestry service, energy, fisheries, and mining. There are bountiful riches here. It also delivers a greater part of iron metal. It is famous for the social insurance, travel industry, and financial industries.
Iqaluit is the Capital of Nunavut and its Population is 31,906
Principle Industries: It is famous for mining and asset development.
Whitehorse is the Capital of Yukon and its Population is 33,897
Fundamental ventures:  Its main business is mining, which represents 30% of the economy. There is also a thriving business and organization. Fishing and film business thrive here in a big way. It is famous for wonderful scenery and long daylight hours in spring.
Northwest Territories
Capital: Yellowknife
Population: 41,462
Fundamental Industries: There is a focus on business and financial improvement segment here. Other important businesses are oil and gas, energy, precious stones, diamonds and the mining of minerals.
Reasons for selecting PNP pathway
If the application for nomination from any provinces gets through various streams, there will be an addition of 600 points to the CRS score of a candidate. Finally, this will guarantee their selection.

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