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Nova Scotia has achieved a level of 9.4 percent for retaining international students in the province for 2018.

Achieving progress

It had a target of 10 percent in this category, to be achieved by 2024 after they complete the graduation. The province is taking measures to turn around the trend of an aging population through innovative immigration policy. The Nova Scotia Nominee Program manages the International Graduate Entrepreneur Stream, and the province also participates in the Atlantic Immigration Pilot, which manages the International Graduate Category. Since 2014, Nova Scotia has increased the nomination of many international students for Canada permanent residence. It was 35 in 2014 and stands at 440 in 2018. It also reflects the motivation to attract global students to stay. Additionally, the data of the Federal government illustrates that the number of new PRs who were previously holding the study permit had growth to 210 in 2018 from 125 in 2015.
Retaining international students
Like the federal government, Nova Scotia also believes that retaining international students is important for growth. Furthermore, they are young, possess the necessary language skills, and are well educated. Also, they have the experience of Canadian life, which helps them to quickly integrate as permanent residents. There are two new innovative immigration channels with an aim to attract several international students. These are:
  • Nova Scotia Study and Stay
  • NSNP International Graduate Entrepreneur Stream
Also, the Atlantic Immigration Pilot has an aim to settle global graduates in the province.
1) Nova Scotia Study and Stay
Nova Scotia Study and Stay targets specific international students from India, China, and the Philippines. It also provides support to them for the duration of the course to help them in having a successful career. There are employment events, workshops, activities and career workshops, and opportunities for learning at the workplace.
  • Employment and transition support from the Edu Nova Retention Coordinator, and also added support from the universities colleges and community.
  • Access to a group of peers and business networks in the entire province.
  • Two-day Retreat each year for Employment Preparedness and Cohort, attended by Nova Scotia employers, businessmen, and government leaders.
  • Career assessment and value analysis also.
  • Furthermore, Personalized plan for career and setting the goals.
  • Professional Training in job search, resume writing and interview technique.
  • Building a network of professional/employment connections.
  • A workplace placement scheme for building experience.
Eligibility norms
  • Students in India, China, and the Philippines who have the interest to pursue university, college or post-graduate studies enrolled in following study levels at a post-secondary institution in NSCC diploma program, or for a university under graduation, masters, or doctoral program in Nova Scotia.
  • International K-12 students presently studying at the high school – from India, China, and the Philippines.
  • Applicants must gain acceptance in their selected post-secondary institution to receive conditional acceptance in this program. Furthermore, the applicant will receive Final acceptance after the issuing proper study permit by IRCC.
2) International Graduate Entrepreneur Stream
This stream has an aim to attract recent students graduating from a University or Community College of Nova Scotia. They also need to start or purchase a business in the province and also operate it for one year on a PG Work Permit. Candidates receive the PR nomination if they decide to settle in the province. This stream has an EOI format.
  1. EOI
  2. Invitation to Apply
  3. Personal Interview and Nomination and finally,
  4. Applying for PR
Candidate Requirements in the Stream:
  • Intention to live permanently in the province while owning and managing a Nova Scotia business actively.
  • One year continuous experience in managing and owning present Nova Scotia business actively with ownership of 100 percent).
  • Completing a degree/diploma and two academic years full-time, personal study at a University or Community College of Nova Scotia.
  • A Valid post-graduation work permit.
  • A score of 7 on the CLB in listening, speaking, reading and writing in English/French.
3) Atlantic Immigration Pilot: International Graduate Program The Atlantic International Graduate Program caters to the candidates possessing a degree, a diploma from an institution in an Atlantic province that receives public funds. Moreover, there is no Work experience requirement. The job offer must be of one-year duration.  

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