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New Zealand Skilled Migrant Category Fortnightly Selection

New Zealand Skilled Migrant Category contemporary selection of Expressions of Interest took place on 27 June 2018. As a consequence, 490 Expressions of Interest's that had a cumulative score of 160 or more points, describing 1,078 people will now experience verification which is preliminary to decide if an invitation to apply for residency will be issued. In the pool next to the selection there are 599 Expressions of Interests.

Selection Details

Selection criteria Type With Job Offer Without Job Offer
Points 160 or more Offshore 23 50
Onshore 415 2
Total 438 52

Expressions of Interest Percentage Country-wise

Nationality Percentage
India 29%
China 12%
South Africa 12%
Great Britain 11%
Philippines 6%
United States of America 2%
South Korea 2%
Brazil 2%
France 2%
Canada 1%
Other 21%
Total 100%

Skilled Migrant Category Resident Visa

We recommend people who have the skills to provide to New Zealand’s growth of the economy to apply for this visa. Prior to we can welcome you to apply, we’ll first want you to convey to us an Expression of Interest representing us about your employment in New Zealand, the experience of work, and qualifications. If your Expression of Interest is positive, we’ll give you the chance to apply to work and live in New Zealand permanently.

Overview of Skilled migrants

Duration of visa: You can stay Indefinitely Age Requirement: 55 years or under

This Visa Allows you to

• Study, work and Live in New Zealand. • Add your spouse and children who are dependent and aged up to 24 years or below, in your application of residence.

Key points

• To assess expressions of interest, We utilize a points-based system • At present, we are only accepting EOIs with points 160 or above. • This visa isn’t meant for self-employed people. If you need to work in your own business, Entrepreneur Resident Visa is the correct visa to apply.

Eligibility Requirements for skilled Migrants Workers

Identity: You need to furnish your identity proof. Character: You should have good character. Health: Your health condition should be good. English language: You should be able to speak the English Language. Age: Your age should be 55 years or under when you apply for residence. Skilled employment: Your existing employment or employment offer should be skilled category. Qualifications: Your qualification should be recognized for points qualification. Work experience: Your work experience must be skilled for points qualification. Expression of interest: You must send us an Expression of Interest (EOI). Invitation to apply for residence: You need to be invited to apply for residency. Bring family: Your spouse and children who are dependent should satisfy the conditions for this visa. English language for the family: Your partner and children below 16 years and above must speak English or pay for classes to study English in New Zealand.

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