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The new Visa Scheme is the UK Innovator visa scheme. So there are several questions about what will occur in practice. In one regard it may be more flexible. You must invest only £50,000.  In most cases, below the UK Tier 1 Entrepreneur visa, you must invest £200,000. Termination of the UK Tier 1 entrepreneur visa on 29 Mar 2019 the U.K innovator visa is currently and formally open for appeals, the UK Home Office has approved. The latest, innovator visa for the UK was declared as part of a Home Office notification on 7 Mar 2019, outlining many changes to rules of UK immigration. The new U.K innovator visa substitutes the old entrepreneur visa and has been defined as: “A path for more experienced entrepreneurs looking to build a business in the U.K. Aspirants will have a viable, innovative, and scalable business plan which is approved by an endorsing body. With some limitations, aspirants will have funding for their business investment. This category may drive to settle in the UK.”

Guidance for Endorsing Bodies

As of now guidance for possible applicants is not available, but Guidance notes for Endorsing Bodies are available.  As part of the conditions for the U.K innovator visa, candidates will require to have their business plan evaluated by an authorized endorsing body. There also no rule that restricts an endorsing authority from revoking its endorsement, leaving few people not able to obtain indefinite leave to remain situated in the UK.

Restricted Number of Endorsement Places for UK Innovator Visa

A private investigation of the endorsing bodies guidance notes shows that 25 positions will be given to each endorsing body. Nevertheless, they have the choice to lessen the allocations number. Depends on the 25 places allocation, only 600 innovator visas are able to be given per year because there are presently 24 endorsing bodies, each endorsing body with an allocation capacity of 25 endorsement letters. However, nearly 1,000 visas were given each year below the UK Tier 1 entrepreneur scheme, without dependents. There’s also a condition in the endorsing bodies guidance notes, indicating that the innovator visa path is only possible in lesser numbers. Many other endorsing groups are happy to recommend as of now, and others said that they might be ready in a month or that they are yet to consider the plan, meantime some were unknown with the innovator visa concept. Please subscribe to Migration Ideas newsletters to get the latest information and updates about Visa and Immigration. We also support people with hassle-free and quick visa and immigration process.

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