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Canada has made a change that will take effect on June 1. It will allow more spouses to get the work permits by using its Atlantic Immigration Pilot.

The changes

The changes are in the Atlantic Intermediate Skilled Program making them eligible to get the work permit for the first time. Before this, only the spouses of candidates in the Atlantic High Skilled Program were eligible to get it. Additionally, this change will ensure that newcomers arriving here, can stay here as per the statement of IRCC. The Atlantic Immigration Pilot commenced in March 2017 with the goal of attracting immigrant skilled workers, to the Newfoundland & Labrador, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Prince Edward Island provinces. Recently it had an extension until 2021. It is a permanent residence program, with a focus on employers. In it additionally, the candidates can get the Canada work permit when the processing of their PR applications is on.

The impact

Such work permit candidates are affected by the latest change, and their spouses will be eligible from June 1 to get the open work permit in the High Skilled as well as Intermediate Skilled streams. In the past, the spouses of managers, architects, and medical doctors had the eligibility to seek the work permit. The reason for this change is to suit it better, for the needs of candidates as well as employers.

Atlantic Immigration Pilot Changes in March 2019

  • Global graduates get 24 months after completing post-graduation for applying to it instead of the 12 months in the past.
  • Employers in Healthcare can now hire nurses trained internationally to work in continuing care and home care support for filling up job vacancies.
  • The Atlantic Provinces get the authority to focus to meet the in-demand labor needs by using the AIP.
  • IRCC requires applicants to also meet the requirements of work experience, language, and education of the AIP before getting the work permit approval.

Atlantic Immigration Pilot Programs

1) Atlantic High-Skilled Program
  • This Program aims to attract such skilled workers who have the job experience in the management, technical and professional sectors. It also has other requirements. The job offer should be for one year.
2) Atlantic Intermediate-Skilled Program This Program aims to attract such candidates for jobs that require either a high school education or training specific to a job. It also has other requirements. The job offer should be permanent. 3) Atlantic International Graduate Program This Program aims to attract such candidates who possess the degree/diploma/ credentials from an institution receiving public funding in some Atlantic province. It also has no Work experience requirement. Finally, the job offer should be for one year. We bring all such news and reports and you can contact us.

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