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Migrants face deportation in Australia if they move to a different Region

The Government in Australia has a new plan to send migrant workers to serve in regional areas. Moreover, it offers fast visa processing but will take a tough stand on the persons seeking to move to other areas.


They also need to stick to the areas for which they get the designated visas. A failure to comply will risk the visa cancellation and also of deportation.  The Federal Government also announced that it will give a priority to the people agreeable to settle in regional areas. There is an allocation of a $19.4 million fund for this new plan. The aim here is to control the congestion. In case they move from these areas before obtaining the PR the visas will be canceled. The visa is specific for working in a particular area. Furthermore, Migrants cannot work somewhere else. This was stated by David Coleman, the Immigration Minister in Canberra. The migrants will require another visa and they will lose the regional visa. It is doubtful to obtain it and obtain permanent residency.

New plan for settling the migrants

The Government has a plan of introducing mandatory settlement for fresh migrants in regional areas. The aim is to ease the pressure of population on Sydney and Melbourne. Additionally, it will encourage migrants to settle in such areas where the labor shortage is persistent. Shayne Neumann, the Shadow Immigration Minister feels that the federal government needs to give a few incentives to the people. This will help them to move to these areas. The focus must be on ensuring that people move into the regional areas and also help in building the communities.

The facts

Presently, there are 197,000 people on a bridging visa, which shows an increase of 38,000 during the past 12 months. In the case of processing these visas, more people can settle in regional communities.  Additionally, the government is planning to allot more resources for processing regional visas. For the applicant of the regional visa, there is a reduction in time, spent on processing. This is an encouraging development for the people, to opt for regional areas. Furthermore, the focus on the regional settlement will also reduce the immigration intake. Moreover, the federal government is holding a discussion for Designated Area Migration Agreements, with many regional areas needing additional labor.

The issues of congestion

The issues of congestion are real in Sydney, Melbourne and in Southeast Queensland. Simultaneously, in many parts of Australia, the local/state governments are seeking more people. Hence, there can be a better alignment in distribution. Mr. Neumann was of the opinion that if Labor is victorious in the next election, the government will seek good advice regarding the ideal immigration intake level.

Signing the DAMA

The Federal Government signed a DAMA with the Northern Territory. It also provides a pathway to visa holders to attain the PR Status. A similar agreement was announced for the Victorian Great South Coast region. Finally, there is a discussion for the Orana region in WA and also for Cairns in Queensland.

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