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In 2019, The Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program issued just about 4, 000 invitations using the various streams. There were recent draws in the Skilled Workers in Manitoba, the International Education Stream as well as in the Skilled Workers Overseas Stream, which issued 299 invitations on 25th April 2019. This adds crucial skills in the province and also addresses the increasing shortages in the Canadian labor market. The federal government has a plan of welcoming a million immigrants in the workforce during the future three years. It is taking steps to ensure that the vacancies in the top demand occupations are filled up when there are no local persons for filling them. Workers get the high quality of life working in a similar profession which they did abroad. Moreover, there is a high value on these occupations in the Canadian economy.

The Provincial Nominee Program

Manitoba Immigration is issuing invitations to the in-demand workers. The PNP addresses specific shortages in the labor market in specific provinces. There is a participation of 11 provinces and territories among the 13 provinces in the program. There are unique streams on offer, focusing on ample opportunities for unskilled, as well as semi-skilled/skilled workers who meet the eligibility norms for filling the vacancies. Many immigrants select Manitoba for settling because it has a strong economy and a pleasant climate.

Details of the Draw

As a result of the recent draw, held on 25th April, 299 invitations were issued using many Manitoba Immigration streams. This province has an EOI system where applicants have to submit the interest to an immigration body. It leads to creating an application which gets a score based on specific criteria. Furthermore, the top-scoring applicants get a Letter of Advice to seek permanent residence.

The Programs

Manitoba offers many immigration streams. Some streams did not issue invitations in this draw but are open for applications and hold their own draws. The quotas of Manitoba Immigration are filled up quickly and candidates must apply in the stream suiting them soon.
MPNP Streams
Stream Description
Skilled Worker in Manitoba For candidates who are qualified, temporary foreign workers or international graduates working in Manitoba.
Skilled Worker Overseas For candidates who are not necessarily working in Canada who are skilled workers. They will need either family in the province, past studies in the province or an offer of employment in the province.
Business Investor Stream (formerly MPNP-B) For candidates who want to buy, co-own or start a business or farm in the province.
Morden Community Driven Immigration Initiative For candidates who meet the in-demand occupations in the rural town of Morden.
International Education Stream For candidates who are graduates or students of a university in the province and meet the necessary skills required by the province’s economy.

Express Entry-linked Streams

In this draw, similar to the draw of 11th April 2019 403 invitations were issued using the Skilled Workers Overseas Stream. These require candidates to have a presence in the Express Entry pool prior to submitting an application to the province. The candidates have to apply in a federal program first. Candidates also have to create an online profile detailing their background. The profile gets a scored as per the CRS which is based on specific criteria and awards points. All eligible candidates enter the Express Entry pool and they can submit their Expression of Interest to the province/territory.

CRS Awards Points depending on these factors:

CLB Language proficiency in English /French
  • Age
  • Receiving Education (Inside and outside Canada)
  • Work Experience (Inside and outside Canada)
  • Arranged employment
  • Achieving the Provincial Nomination
  • Siblings residing in Canada in the capacity of PRs /citizens
  • The profile of a spouse

A chance for improving the Score

Candidates can improve their score, from within the EE pool. Obtaining the nomination adds 600 points to their Express Entry profile, and also serves as a guarantee to get the Invitation to apply to seek the Canadian permanent residence. The Other ways are studying further (Inside and outside Canada), gaining more work experience (Inside and outside Canada), and also improving language proficiency or obtaining a letter of employment from a local company. Finally, increasing the score marginally makes a huge difference for success in these draws. We bring all the recent trends and news and our patrons can contact us for any details.

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