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Manitoba issued 5,207 nominations for Canadian permanent residence in 2018 which is a record. Additionally, 98 percent of these were skilled workers.  The New figures of the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program prove that 5,119 candidates received the nominations in the Skilled Worker Overseas and in the Skilled Worker in Manitoba streams during 2018. 88 candidates received the nominations in the Business Investor Stream of Manitoba.

The details

The PNP of Manitoba is a popular part of Provincial Nominee Programs in Canada. It allows participating provinces /territories for nominating a specific number of immigration candidates in the economic category. This results in taking permanent residence in Canada each year. Moreover, it is the oldest provincial nominee program in the country. The program is in operation for the past 20 years and has attracted 130,000 immigrants to the province so far. Additionally, 90 percent of immigrants get employment in the first year in Manitoba. Moreover, the same percentage among them opts to stay in the province. Among the persons nominated in 2018, 21 percent were not having a provincial job offer but instead had a community or family connection.

Skilled worker nominations

Furthermore, among the skilled worker nominations in MPNP during 2018 Skilled Worker in Manitoba received 3,399 (65 percent) nominations, and Skilled Worker Overseas received 1,720 nominations (33 percent). 535 nominees were candidates having the valid profile in the Express Entry system. The MPNP also introduced a new pathway that is aligned with the Express Entry in 2018. Moreover, it is open to Express Entry candidates having the work experience in a profession present on the In-Demand Occupations List, of MPNP. The first step, that is necessary to get consideration for nomination from the Program, is creating and submitting an Expression of Interest profile to the province. These Profiles get a score out of 1,000 depending on work experience, education, and a connection to Manitoba.  Finally, the top ranks receive a Letter of Advice to apply to seek the provincial nomination. 26,443 skilled worker candidates submitted the EOI profile last year and the Program issued 7,950 LAA to apply.

Other Major results from 2018:

  • 98% of applications in the SWM were approved
  • 90% of applications in the SWO were approved
  • 21% nominees were without a job/job offer
  • India was at the Top among the nominees:
  • Top skill type of nomineeswas in  Sales and Service
  • Processing time for applications in Skilled Workers was just 8 months
  • Processing time for applications in Skilled Workers Overseas was just 3 months
  • 1,292 Nominees had a post-secondary degree from Manitoba:

Data regarding Indians 

India had 1,780 (34.2 percent) nominations, followed by China with 825 (15.8 percent) nominations.

Top 10 Countries             

Country of Citizenship # of Nominations % of Total Nominations
India 1,780  34.2%
China, People’s Republic 825  15.8%
The Philippines 617  11.8%
Nigeria 306  5.9%
Brazil 191  3.7%
South Korea 190  3.6%
Pakistan 130  2.5%
Algeria 84  1.6%
Ukraine 80  1.5%
Vietnam 66  1.3%

Nominations by occupation

The Sales and Service sector had 1,885 nominations. The next category was of finance, business, and administration with 728 nominations. 1,847 nominations belonged to the occupation of Skill Level B in the National Occupational Classification and 1,659 nominations belonged to the occupation of Skill Level C.

Nominations by Skill Type

Skill Type # of Nominations
0 Management occupations  402
1 Business, finance and administration occupations  728
2 Natural and applied sciences and related occupations  499
3 Health occupations  87
4 Occupations in education, law and social, community and government services  225
5 Occupations in art, culture, recreation and sport  49
6 Sales and Service occupations  1,885
7 Trades, transport and equipment operators  599
8 Natural resources, agriculture and related production occupations  90
9 Occupations in manufacturing and utilities  555

Job offer

Furthermore, among the 5,119 nominated skilled workers, 79 percent (4,101) possessed the Manitoba job offer. The Program established a record of 1,923 for the number of nominees completing the post-secondary studies in the province, which stood at. International graduates studying in the province were the focus of the new International Education Stream. It serves as a fast pathway to permanent residence for global graduates belonging to post-secondary institutions of Manitoba. The three pathways are:
  • Career Employment Pathway,
  • Graduate Internship Pathway, and finally
  • Student Entrepreneur Pathway

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