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Manitoba immigration will be a crucial factor in the Manitoba province’s labor market increase, as per the current 07-year Manitoba labor market outlook. The report assumes that there will be a sum of 168,700 job opportunities during the years 2018-2024. It intends that 24,100 job openings each year. While these 07 years, approximately 168,400 fresh workers are assumed to enter the labor force of Manitoba. Of the 24,100 fresh workers who will be entering the labor force each year, 5,500 will be net in-migrants with whom a notable portion will be immigrants.

Great Chance for Skilled Workers and Global Students

According to the report, recent reforms submitted to M.P.N.P will make it simpler for students who have read in Manitoba to live in the province. Skilled workers who have close family relationships in the province of Manitoba and whose partners have language ability and work experience in an in-demand profession will be granted preference in skilled immigration. Manitoba has also launched a special immigration pathway associated with the system of Federal Express Entry to welcome Express Entry applicants to the Manitoba province.

Manitoba Immigration and In-demand Professions

During the following 07 years, maximum job opportunities are likely to be in the services and sales sector, approximately 19.7%. Business, administration, and finance will comprise 15.7% of the job opportunities and job opportunities in law, education and social, community and services in the government sector will be 14%. A sum of 66% of the entire job opportunities will be to substitute the retired worker while 34% job opportunities will be created as a result of growth in the economy, as per the report. Please subscribe to Migration Ideas newsletters to get the latest information and updates about Visa and Immigration. We also support people with hassle-free and speed visa and immigration process.

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