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Manitoba Immigration conducted its third draw within two weeks and issued 403 Letters of Advice to Apply to the candidates appearing in its streams. Furthermore, the draw on March 1, which was overall 60th, follows the draws of Feb 21 and Feb 15. The draw had a focus on the for Human Capital Pathway belonging to the Skilled Worker Overseas Stream, and 216 candidates received Letters of Advice to Apply after obtaining a score of 565 points.

These requirements were:

  • Either having a valid Express Entry Identity accompanied by job  code (validation) and six months of recent experience in a job present on the top Occupations list Or
  • Having a near relative residing  or past education/work experience in the province
  • Having six months of recent experience in a job present on the top demand  list and finally,
  • They also have to meet language requirements.
The Letters for candidates through the SWM stream were 126, and the least rank of the candidate had a score of 566 points. 41 Letters of Advice to Apply issued in the Strategic Recruitment Initiative, which is a part of the Skilled Worker Overseas Stream, and the least rank of the candidate had a score of 621 points. Moreover, the Candidates of the IES received 20 Letters of Advice to Apply and there was no minimum score in it.

Details of the March 1 Manitoba Draw

Stream Sub-Stream Letters of Advice to Apply A score of Lowest Ranked Candidate
1) Skilled Workers in Manitoba    126  566
2) International Education Stream    20    –
3) Skilled Workers Overseas Strategic Recruitment Initiative  41  621
  Human Capital Path  216  565
Also, in the past draw, there was a focus on the Human Capital Pathway of the SWO stream. In The Feb 21 draw, 338 candidates received LAA after scoring 566 points.

Details of the Feb 21 Draw

Stream Sub-Stream Letters of Advice to Apply A score of Lowest Ranked Candidate
Skilled Workers Overseas Human Capital Pathway 338 566

Qualifying For the Skilled Worker Manitoba Stream

The Skilled Worker in Manitoba Stream depends on the needs of local employers. It selects workers who possess the requisite skills and are trained overseas. Subsequently, they are nominated for permanent residence in Canada. The candidates with an attachment to the province get priority here.
  1. a) Manitoba Work Experience Path
This caters to the applicants working presently by using the temporary permits, of the TFW Program or serve as global graduates from any of the provinces. These Candidates do not need work in an In-Demand Occupations.
  1. b) Employer Direct Recruitment Path
The Pathway serves foreign applicants having a job offer from approved local employers.

Qualifying For the SWO Stream

The SWO Stream includes:
  • A dedicated Express Entry Path
  • The direct provincial path
It caters to the international skilled workers possessing skills and training in the jobs with a top demand in Manitoba. It also gives a Priority to such applicants/spouses having good family connections, accompanied by language proficiency, good training, and rich experience to find jobs at a fast pace.
  1. a) Manitoba EE  Path
It is exclusively for international candidates who are eligible in other MPNP streams, and also meet the criteria for Express Entry besides having an active EE profile. Also, these Candidates need experience skills, and training in an Occupation, besides good provincial family connection.
  1. b) Human Capital Path
It caters to the global skilled workers who possess experience and training in an Occupation. These Candidates also do not need to show the potential to find a job quickly.

The Requirements for the IES

This Stream attracts graduates belonging to the educational institutions of Manitoba. Under it the candidates do not need  six months to work in the field prior to  submit the application for a Program nomination:
1) Career Employment Path  
Eligibility requirements:
  • Completing a one-year course in the province in three years of application submission.
  • Having a  job offer (full-time) in a job  relevant to the degree and finally
  • Being a Resident of the province
2) Graduate Internship Path
Master’s, as well as Doctor degree holders, who complete Mitacs Accelerate or Elevate internships, are eligible to apply for a nomination in its internships. Additionally, a job offer in the province is not mandatory.
3) Student Entrepreneur Path
The requirements are:
  • Completing a two-year course from an eligible post-secondary institution in the province
  • Six months of experience  to manage a business
  • Being a Manitoba Resident since graduation.
  • Finally,  there is no requirement regarding personal net-worth

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