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Labour Mobility Provisions Under USMCA Keeps Same Professions List

The Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau signed a new trade agreement with the Mexico and United States on the sidelines of the latest G20 summit at Buenos Aires in Argentina. This signing has done after 2 years of fears for the status of Mexico and United States skilled workers in Canada and also Canadian skilled workers in Mexico and the United States. But, in terms of labor skilled work permit provisions, the latest agreement has mostly unchanged compared to the past NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement). Despite Canadian Prime Minister Justin and Donald Trump, United States PM and Enrique Peña, Mexico Prime Minister signing the agreement, it still requires to be signed by all three parliaments, means it will be a very long way off taking effect. Even the signing is finalized, still, there are so many issues to overcome before the USMCA is in place. US public behavior on his neighbors is very bad and it tough for lawmakers in both Mexico and Canada to sign an agreement. The deal sign with the three primes together, Justin Trudeau said Canada required to see aluminum and steel tariffs between both countries declined.

Labour Market Impact Assessment Exemptions
Labour provisions under new US-Mexico-Canada Agreement will proceed to exempt occupants of Canada from immigration policies for skilled workers entering the country who will need a positive LMIA (Labour Market Impact Assessment). This procedure finalizes that no one is available from Canda to fulfill an employment in the labor trade. In Canada, the visas under the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) agreement and the latest US-Mexico-Canada Agreement are administered via the International Mobility scheme. The US-Mexico-Canada Agreement applies to the country citizens of the Mexico and US who need entry to Canada under the following types: professionals, business visitors, investors, intra-company transferees, and traders.
No Changes in the USMCA Agreement
Despite fears, United Staes negotiators were ordering restrictions on Visas ( Treaty NAFTA Visas), Chapter 16 of the new agreement keeps the professions same without changes. Everyone has been expecting that the list of occupants professions under the agreement would be changed with the latest updates, but the present list is outdated. The North American Free Trade Agreement was signed many years ago before the technology boom and it wasn't included a few professions which were not important at that time such as web developers and software engineers. But now, the technology industry is booming and we need more web developers and software engineers. Sadly, the new deals also keep the same list that includes nearly 60 jobs in teaching professions, medical, scientific and other general professions. However, a key paragraph was additionally included in Chapter 16 of the USMCA that does not there in the NAFTA's Chapter sixteen.
How Many Treaty NAFTA Visas Issued?
Under NAFTA, the Canadian government issued around 17,602 Treaty NAFTA (TN Visas) visas to US candidates and around 691 TN Visas to Mexicans in 2016, while the United States received 14,768 to Mexicans and Canadians combined. This suggests 10 of thousands of skilled workers from all 3 countries would have been observing the negotiations with their status. Please subscribe to Migration Ideas newsletters to get the latest information and updates about Visa and Immigration. We also assist with the hassle-free and quick visa and immigration process.

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