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Indian Students Completing US Master’s Degree Can Easily Obtain H-1B Visa

Starting from April the U.S. has a new visa regime where overseas students completing their master’s degree from universities located in America will get a good chance to obtain H-1B visas.

The recent developments

There is a master’s cap covering 20,000 visas for applicants having a master’s degree (or higher) from a public educational institution accredited nationally and having a not-for-profit existence in the U.S. Additionally, firstly a lottery will be held for 65,000 visas for bachelors and other degree holders who qualify for selection. After filling the regular cap, a master’s cap selection will take place exclusively for advanced degree holders. 20,000 master’s degree applicants will compete with the bachelor’s degree holders in the regular draw, which will result in an advantageous position for them. Presently, the H-1B program faces challenges, and any proposal giving priority to students who pursue their study in the US presents a positive development favoring the Indians. Their share is 20% among the international students.

Positive developments

There is no change in the eligibility norms for students. When there is a bigger pool for master’s/advanced degree holders in the draw, the bachelor’s degree holders face a disadvantage. Indian IT companies also face a high rejection rate and Requests for Evidence. As a  result, they are hiring U.S. professionals, but their talent pool is small. Indian IT workers do not opt to receive an advanced U.S. degree. This policy change ranks a U.S. degree over skills or work experience of a foreign country. An Increase in H-1B restrictions on a spouse’s right for working and on the pattern of threshold salary, impacts Indians. People are also seeking alternative solutions. These are L1 visas, E-2 visa with citizenship of Grenada, as well as the EB-5 visa, which present a fast route to the Green Card.

Relevant facts

The USCIS has changed the order of conducting the H-1B lottery, which takes place when the number of H-1B applications is in excess of 85,000 visas annually. This cap consists of two categories of 20,000 visas for Masters or higher degree applicants. Besides, there are 65,000 visas for all categories of eligible applicants. We present the latest figures, news, and surveys and our patrons can contact us.

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