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Indian Population Has a 30 Percent Increase in Australia in Two Years

The population of Indian migrants in Australia is showing impressive growth, during the last two years, as per the recent figures revealed by the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

The details

As of June 2018 as per the ABS preliminary estimate, 592,000 Indians live in Australia. This reveals an increase of 30 percent when compared to the Census figures in 2016.  At that time 455,389 Indians were residing in Australia. This takes Indians to the third place and the share of New Zealand born citizens is 568,000 at fourth place. Additionally, the share of Indians now is 2.4% in the population of Australia. Another factor to note is that the median age of Indian migrants is 34 years, which is similar to the Australian born people. India continues to be a big source of migrants in Australia and this trend has started since 2016. In 2017-18 Indian citizens accounted for 33,310 permanent places out of 162,417. In the previous year, Indian citizens accounted for 38,854 visas out of 183,608.

Increase among the students

There was also an increase among the Indian students pursuing their studying in Australia. These figures reached a seven-year record in 2018. As per the figures released in November 2017, nearly 70,000 students pursue their studies in universities and colleges located in Australia. More than 7 million migrants resided in Australia as per the figures of June 2018. The people born in England were the largest group among the overseas-born citizens. Neil Scott ABS Assistant Director dealing with the Migration Statistics stated that, in 2018, the figures showed that 29 percent of Australian residents were born overseas. It is also a fact that the multicultural society in Australia has migrants born in many countries of the world. 18 million Australians were born in the country. The society is becoming more culturally diverse with the passage of time. China occupies the second rank in this list and 651000 people of Chinese origin were residing in Australia. We bring the details regarding all the developments and our patrons can contact us.

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