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Indian Information Technology Professionals: Ways for Moving to Canada in 2019

An Indian IT professional presently at work in the US, and considering career options for future, can think of moving to Canada soon. There is a heavy demand in Canada for Qualified professionals in IT, in the economy. Moreover,   the government has a few immigration policies in this matter. Moreover, there are many vacancies in the technology occupations for a long period. For all experienced and qualified IT professionals, the path to get a work permit, PR or Citizenship is clear. Here we present the Ways for moving to Canada, expected earning and also feature the tough to fill technology occupations. Top Reasons for IT Professionals to Move to Canada from the US 1) Canada is friendly to immigrants Canada has a plan of increasing immigration and attract 350,000 fresh arrivals per year mainly in the Economic Class. Furthermore there is a huge demand for technology workers. Presently USA has clampdown on green cards/work visas but Canada has an easy policy for IT professionals. This helps them to obtain work permits. Moreover the processing hardly takes two-weeks through the Global Talent Stream. 2) There is  a requirement for IT professionals Canada has the issues of an aging population. Moreover, there is a shrinking labor force also. It is trying to overcome these through immigration. Additionally, the Canadian economy has changed and the labor force lacks the IT skills that the businesses must gave for a good growth. Canada is inviting all IT professionals, with quick visa processing. Furthermore it is also offering a path to seek PR and citizenship. 3) The Canadian education system is top quality Canada has established such colleges/universities, which have a high quality of education. Moreover, there is a publicly-funded high school system with a stress on quality. The Tuition fee in higher education is low for global students. Furthermore it is still lower for PRs and citizens. Finally, it offers better opportunities for children. 4) There is a publicly-funded healthcare in Canada The US has issues regarding accessing its healthcare system. In Canada PRs as well as work permit holders get access to great healthcare, based on certain factors. The family gets a cover in emergencies. 5) Canada presents a secure society Canada has an effective democracy, a secure society, and low crime rate than the US, thus offering a higher quality of life. Ways for Qualified IT Professionals to Move to Canada Qualified IT professionals can reach Canada: • Through applying directly for PR permanent residence; or by • Arriving as a temporary resident on a work permit, and then becoming a permanent resident 1) Through direct application for permanent residence by using the Express Entry. This system supervises the intake of skilled workers in economic programs, and also in certain provincial streams. Federal Programs Federal Skilled Worker Program Canada Experience Class Federal Skilled Trades Program Candidates intending to reach Canada through a program must first register their profile in the Express Entry pool. The profile gets a score and the high scoring profiles receive the ITA in draws which happen every fortnight. Moreover, the candidates can improve their score by securing a qualified job offer in the country, which gets 200 or 50 points, based on the skill level. Top Technology Occupations in Canada Computer Programmer Computer Engineer Software Developer Software Engineer IT Project Manager 2) Arriving as a temporary resident on a work permit, and then becoming a permanent resident Many IT professionals reach Canada on a temporary work permit before becoming a permanent resident. In June 2017 the federal government introduced the Global Talent Stream  for attracting professionals in technology occupations. Upon qualifying for the GTS, Candidates having a job offer get their LMIA , work permit as well as  visa processing within two weeks. When the candidates arrive in Canada and work using the GTS operated as a part of the Temporary Foreign Worker Program, they can seek PR through Express Entry. Best Salaries for IT Professionals Canada has an established technology market in many of its major cities. The popular technology jobs are • IT Project Manager • Software Developer • Database Analyst • Java Developer • Web Developer • Computer Network Technician • Business Analyst Top Occupations for IT Professionals having a big demand by Employers

  Job title NOC Code Percentage of vacancies open for 60 or more days
1 Computer Vision Engineer 2147 56
2 Penetration Tester 2147, 2171, 2281 51
3 Ruby on Rails Developer 2147, 2171, 2172 43
4 Operations Engineer 2141, 2147 41
5 Release Engineer 2173 40
6 C Developer 2175 37
7 Machine Learning Engineer 2132 37
8 System Engineer 0211 35
9 Chief Engineer 0211 34
10 Security Engineer 2171 33

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