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Indian e-Visa is tourist friendly after a few changes

India introduced e-Tourist Visa in September 2014 for 46 countries. Furthermore it is applicable now for 166 countries. The government made a few amendments in this e-visa policy recently, to make it tourist friendly. Moreover there is extensive coordination between The Tourism Ministry and the Home Affairs Ministry to ease the Visa policies.

The government also made the following modifications in the e-Visa:

  1. Duration of staying in the country on a   e-Business / e-Tourist Visa is to the maximum of one Year. The holder can make multiple entries after following the stay stipulations.
  2. The restriction of permitting foreigners for three times was removed.
  1. The period of continuous staying on e-Tourist Visa in each visit should not go beyond 90 days for nationals of all eligible countries, who get the e-visa. The nationals belonging to USA, Canada, UK, and Japan are exempt.
  2. For the nationals of these four nations continuous stay in each visit will not exceed 180 days.
  3. In all cases, there is no registration requirement.
Other Changes:
  1. The continuous stay on e-Tourist Visa in each visit should not go beyond 180 days in case of nationals of all eligible countries who get the e-visa
  2. There is no registration requirement when the stay of less than 180 days period.
Other changes:
  1. E-Visa holds validity for entering through two designated Airports - Port Blair and Bhubaneswar, apart from other Airports. Presently the total number of these airports is 28.
  2. The applicants can also attend destination wedding under a normal e-Tourist visa/Tourist visa.  No separate category for Destination Wedding Visas.
  3. Foreign nationals falling sick in their stay in the country can avail medical treatment without the conversion of their visa into Medical Visa. This will help to attend all medical emergencies.
  4. The citizens of the Republic of Korea can also avail the Visa-on-Arrival facility
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