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From 17th April onwards the long-awaited parent visa will permit parents of citizens and permanent residents of Australia to stay in the country for a maximum of five will accept sponsorships applications.

The visa is beneficial

This visa moreover, will benefit all the families wishing to reunite with their parents who are presently living overseas. Now they can stay in Australia for five years. Furthermore, the persons who cannot afford to pay the heavy new visa fee are likely to face a concern and also get a raw deal. As per the information published on the Home Affairs Department website, there will be no change in the visitor visa arrangements. Additionally, the new temporary sponsored parent visa is a replacement of the concessions of the visitor visa which existed for these parents. People intending to visit the country, generally get a stay of three months. The government also allows longer stay periods of 12 months, on the Visitor visa. This is based on the circumstances of individual applicants.

Change in stand

The Immigration Minister stated that the initial information featuring on the website was incorrect. Presently it is amended. The existing systems remain in force.  The amended information on the website of the Home Affairs Department now reads that No existing visas remain affected after introducing the Sponsored Parent (Temporary) visa. Moreover, there is no change in the Standard Visitor visa arrangements. Parents can apply for a long stay and have a longer validity in the Visitor visa. Several migrants and experts dealing with the migration issues criticized the cost of the visa. It is $5,000 for a stay of three years and $10,000 for five-years. The minister defended the stand with the argument that the government has to run a sustainable migration program.

Bearing the cost

Additionally, the cost of administering the program should not be borne by the taxpayers alone. The people also must share it. The charge was reasonable in his opinion.  He also added that the initial indications reveal that it will have a good subscription. The standard visitor visa has a validity of 12 months.  Parents of citizens and permanent migrants in the prevailing concessions can avail a visa for three years which permitted them to stay for 12 months in a period of 18 months each. Parents moreover, will get a chance to renew the visa for one time. Finally, the number of visas to be issued annually has a cap of 15,000. The promise of this visa was made by in June 2016 in the canvassing of the previous election. Labor has the intention to topple the visa if elected in the federal election this year.
There was no talk of a cap; or of paying a fee or signing a bond. There was no clarification regarding choosing the set of parents as per Shayne Neumann, the Shadow Immigration Minister. Their policy will be different from the present government, he concluded.

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