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Immigrants Record Impressive Progress In Canadian Employment Sector
As per a Canadian report, the employment rate of recent immigrants in the age bracket of 25 -54 years has reached a record high in 2018.

71 percent employment rate

This is based on the memo of the federal Ministry of Finance from January which also reveals that the employment rate for immigrants who reached Canada before less than five years was 71 percent.

This is the topmost level on record since 2006. Furthermore, there was a similar trend among immigrants who reached Canada before five to ten years.

The reason for this increase is because more immigrants enter Canada under the new immigration level plan, of the government.  Moreover, as per the ministry, this reflects high job-creation in Canada.

The strong results in employment happened because many federal, as well as provincial programs had a focus on human capital factors. These are work experience, education, and proficiency in English/French.

A positive attitude

The memo also highlighted the fact that Canada has a positive attitude toward immigrants. This helps immigrants in a big way. Another important positive outcome was that the second-generation of Canadians, fare better, than the children of locally born parents, in matters of education and income.

Impressive education

40 percent of Canadians in the second-generation in the age bracket of 25 -44 years had earned a university degree. In comparison, 24 percent had earned a university degree among the Canadians whose parents were from Canada.

Regarding the income, second-generation Canadians had an average earning of below $4,000 more ($55,500 to $51,600) annually, than their peers, who had two Canadian parents.

This also proves the fact that Canada provides many opportunities to earn and lead a comparably better life. This will boost its chances to attract many other foreign aspirants.

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