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Canadian tech jobs that companies find it difficult to fill are the focus of a current list organized by job website Indeed. Significant technical roles such as Penetration Testers, Computer Vision Testers, and Ruby on Rails Developers consume the most time shown and take the prolonged to fill. It indicates that start-ups in some of the biggest technology markets in Canada – Vancouver, Montreal, Toronto, and Ottawa – are fighting to grow because they cannot get applicants with the proper skillsets. Job notifications in the top 10 difficult jobs to fill are consistently live for higher than 60 days, revealing how employers are eager to get suitable people they have to be patient.

Hardest Tech Jobs to Fill in Canada

S. No Job title NOC Code Percentage of vacancies open for 60 or more days
1 Computer Vision Engineer 2147 56
2 Penetration Tester 2147, 2171, 2281 51
3 Ruby on Rails Developer 2147, 2171, 2172 43
4 Operations Engineer 2141, 2147 41
5 Release Engineer 2173 40
6 C Developer 2175 37
7 Machine Learning Engineer 2132 37
8 System Engineer 0211 35
9 Chief Engineer 0211 34
10 Security Engineer 2171 33
In the list, higher than half of Penetration Tester and Computer Vision Tester jobs are online for longer than 60 days. 07 out of the ten most challenging to fill jobs include an engineering component. Surveys suggest the technology industry of Canada will be short of higher than 200,000 workers by 2021. Canada is attempting to make up this shortfall by getting it easy to select essential technology workers from overseas. By the Global Talent Stream, applicants in the most in-demand technology professions can have their work and visas permits prepared in two weeks.

Best Tech Professions of Canada

  • Computer Programmer
  • Computer Engineer
  • Software Developer
  • Software Engineer
  • IT Project Manager
Canada is also performing its best to bring and maintain foreign students, many of whom graduate with cutting-edge tech qualifications. Foreign graduates suit for Post-Graduation Work Permit of Canada to enable them to work for up to 03 years. Those with qualifications of Canada also score additional points via the system of Express Entry. Please subscribe to Migration Ideas newsletters to get the latest information and updates about Visa and Immigration. We also support people with hassle-free and speed visa and immigration process.

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