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Foreign tourists prefer arriving through Indian e-visa

The Modi government had commenced the online visa facility benefitting 166 countries in the past four years. Presently, the overseas tourists prefer the e-visa route to arrive in India.

Facts and details

This scheme commenced in Nov 2014 and till Nov 2015, it was given to citizens belonging to 113 countries. As per the official figures from Jan to Nov 2018, 20, 61,511 tourists arrived on e-visa. In comparison to the corresponding period in 2017, 14, 56,615 arrived thus showing 41.5% growth. Additionally it is available in these categories:
  • Tourist
  • Business
  • Medical,
  • Conference
  • Medical attendant
The top five countries to receive the e-visas are The US, UK, China, France and Russia. In 2017, these countries had a share of 46% e-visas.

It is available worldwide

At the international level many countries favor the e-visas as they facilitate a comfortable entry. Moreover, it provides a fast and easy way to the tourists to get visa for their destinations, it also benefits the embassies because they do not have to deal with countless tourists directly who seek the visa. Additionally, a reason in this increase is because embassies want visitors to apply for the e-visas. Immigration officers are proactive and the e-visas get the clearance after the tourist arrives at the airport. Union Tourism minister said that his ministry has an aim to increase the volume of giving the e-visas.


There is a suggestion that the visa form should be multilingual and simple. The visa period must cover a period of 5-10 years and it must facilitate multiple entries. Yet another suggestion is to have a fee-free period from April to September every year. Furthermore some experts admit point out at addressing some challenges. The fees should not be above 25 dollars. The e the technology needs enhancing to handle a high load. Presently, the fee is 0 to 100 dollars based on the applicant’s nationality. In the budget speech in 2014, the Finance Minister outlined that the facility of Electronic Travel Authorization would be launched in phases at nine Indian airports. Additionally, there would be the necessary infrastructure in place in the next six months. The countries for this facility would be identified in phases. There will also be a visa on arrival facility.

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