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Finest Updates and News About Working Holiday In Canada

In the last week International Experience Canada issued 2,185 invitations. This is comparatively less than the figure of round of 4,778 invitations in the last week. Today the UK received the highest share among the invitations at 573.

Decline in Total number of invitations

The reason for the high numbers in the previous invitation round was sending the 2,657 invitations to the Working Holiday pool of UK. It is not clear as to how the shifting in the total invitations may happen in weeks for the future, candidates have to check and see the updates that happen.

Quota increased for Spain

Spain received a lucky break this week and its quota was increased by 225 extra spots Spanish Working Holiday and 25 additional spots in the Young Professionals pool when its chances to receive the invitation were stated to be very low.

Other nations doing well in IEC candidates

Some additional highlights in the recent IEC invitation round are here:

These nations received a major share in the Working Holiday invitations, the UK at 573 Australia at 268, followed by France -159, and Germany at 118. Besides them the share of Ireland was 152, Japan at 141, and finally Taiwan at 102.

Invitations were issued in 40 IEC pools, and the total for the present year of IEC season is 114,837.

Moreover, many Working Holiday pools that were present on the listed showing Very low chance of receiving the invitation but these pools had a share among the invitations. This also shows that there is a chance of success, even when pool listing is ‘Very low’.

The IEC categories of Young Professionals and International Co-op also received invitation for their candidates.

Positive events

More spots are being filled up, and the quotas are dwindling in more pools. Really, some of the pools do not have the spots in total. Full details based on the countries are available. Please also note that some pools received an additional quota, and the applicants need to check their pool quota.

Additionally, in the IEC present season, the upper age limit for Australian nationals, intending to participate in the program, was increased to 35 years of age, instead of 30 years.

This article provides a list of the figures for the recent round of invitations in the season after it becomes available. Our update reflects the overall pool changes in comparison to the previous round.

We provide all the necessary details and lists for the patrons. They can contact us.

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