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The head of one of the leading organizations promoting for Northern Ontario Immigration Pilot has presented new details of his vision for the program. Charles Cirtwill, Chief Executive Officer and President of the Northern Policy Institute, detailed some critical issues that he stated the pilot should address in a column announced this week. For one, Cirtwill announced it is necessary that the pilot thinks the fact labor requirements in smaller, rural communities are typically distinct from those in urban centers. My colleagues at the Northern Policy Institute (N.P.I) have noticed that seven of the 10 jobs in demand in Ontario Northern, depends on the vacancies number posted, were ‘middle-skilled’ jobs in National Occupational Classification codes C or D, Cirtwill stated. National Occupational Classification of Canada, or N.O.C, organizes more than 30,000 professions as per the skill level and skill type. Skill levels C and D combine low-skilled and semi-skilled professions in the trades, primary and manufacturing industries, services and sales, and some categories of clerical and assistant. Cirtwill states the pilot should also acknowledge the fact that labor requirements in Ontario Northern region can differ from community to community — some require truck drivers, others tourism staff, skilled trades or office assistance staff, he addressed. As per the pilot program, it must allow for a wide range of foreign labor while placing a hard cap on any one particular classification of the job.

Ontario Planning for 1,500 New Immigrants

As to how several immigrants the suggested pilot must welcome on a yearly basis, Cirtwill stated the various regions that makeup Ontario Northern want minimum 1,500 new immigrants a year to have a sustainable mix of working age population to dependants (below 19 and over 65). This target pretends full employment between current residents, including Ontario’s Northern Indigenous Peoples, he told. At the time, Minister Hussen stated his department is considering the chance, but a better knowledge of the region’s specific requirements is needed. Please subscribe to Migration Ideas newsletters to get more information and updates about Visa and Immigration. We also assist with the smooth and quick visa and immigration process.

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