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Canada had fixed a deadline for its community Apply for Canada Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot Program which expired on March 11th, 2019.

The details

The Communities intending to participate in the stream for skilled worker immigration have to apply for this pilot which will run for five years. Originally, the application deadline was March 1 but it was extended for 10 more days. It is open to the provinces that fulfill the norms and have a location outside Quebec and the Atlantic regions. The Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot Program has the goal to boost small communities which have a quick aging population and also suffer from an acute labor shortage. Moreover, they are not in a position in attracting/retaining any new immigrants. The pilot commenced working in 2019, subsequent to the Atlantic Immigration Pilot becoming a success. The announcement detailing the Communities will happen in the spring of 2019, and the new permanent residents will be identified in the summer of 2019.
Provinces and Territories where the Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot Program can work:

Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot Program: Community Requirements

These are the requirements:
  • Having a population of 50,000 or below and their location has to be 75km away from the center of the Metropolitan Area, or
  • Having a population of maximum 200,000 and their location has to be remote from large cities, based on the Remoteness Index of Statistics Canada.
  • There must be many job opportunities.
  • Communities need to have an Economic Development Plan.
  • Having a Local  Development Organization for managing this community pilot
  • Helping in the settlement of fresh arriving immigrants in the community, by developing a strong-relation with local/regional organizations which serve the immigrants
  • They must also provide Opportunities for connecting the newcomers with senior community members
  • There has to be access to major services like  Transportation, Education, Houses, and finally the Health care
Communities also have to get the supporting letters from the municipality and local/regional organizations which serve the immigrants
Method for the Communities to Apply in the Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot
A complete application must have the following:
  • Community Interest Form as per the federal government website,
  • The Economic Development Plan, written within the past three years,
  • A supporting letter from a municipal leader
  • A supporting letter from local/regional organizations which serve the immigrants
  • Additionally, the application has to include:
  • Letters from Community members, Major employers, and the relevant Demographic/economic data
The deadline was March 1, 2019, for completing the application.
A Local Economic Development Organization
The norms for the Economic Development Organization are having a development plan or strategic plan, and finally sufficient means for participating in this pilot. They can be Community futures organization, Chambers of Commerce, independent organizations, not-for-profit organizations, or Hybrid municipal organizations with an independent Board Of Directors, comprising the community stakeholders.

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