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Changes in H1B Visa Rules and Preference to Master’s Degree Holders

There is an expectation of changes H1B Visa Rules to be introduced in this year, which will increase the numbers by 5,000 annually, among master’s degree holders to get the US work permit.

Change in rules

The country has altered the rules governing the H1B visa program and is giving a preference to technology professionals holding the master’s degree, issued by an American university.  This will also be at the cost of entry-level workers belonging to the third world countries.  The US yearly issues 85,000 H1B visas through a lottery. The Homeland Security Department is also changing the ways by which technology companies select candidates for this visa.

A good effect

The chances of obtaining the work permit will increase when they have a candidate possessing the master’s degree. Additionally, the department has also changed the manner in which the companies include the applicants in the lottery. There is no necessity for submitting separate petitions for every applicant. As per the reports, these changes allow companies to write briefly, regarding the candidates they intend to hire. The H1B visa program is facing controversy in the United States, and there is an accusation that Indian IT service providers, engaging in outsourcing, are hugely increasing the applications in the visa lottery system.

Tough on Indians

Furthermore, after this recent move, the going will be tight for Indian providers of IT services, who obtained a large share in the work permits until 2017. From that year onward, US technology companies are obtaining a major share in the visas.  Furthermore, this development is happening after a month when President Trump made a hint about changing the visa program. We provide information on recent developments, news, trends, surveys, analysis, and reports that happen all across the world. Please stay in touch with us.

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