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Canadian Provincial Nominee Programs
The Canadian Provincial Nominee Programs have grown exponentially, in Canada. Also, next to the federal Express Entry system, it is the important pathway, to obtain Canada PR for promising skilled overseas workers.

Provincial stream issue 2,500 invitations

In the recent weeks' nominee streams issued 2,500 invitations in Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Ontario, Manitoba, and Nova Scotia. It benefitted many skilled and professional workers for applying to get the nomination for permanent residence.

The Provincial Nominee Program gives power to nine Canadian provinces as well as two territories in selecting such immigrants that meet the local market needs and priorities. The Quebec province does not take part in the PNP. It is a party to a separate agreement with the central government for selecting economic immigrants.

The PNP has evolved greatly and the admissions target for the present year is 61,000. Also, in the next three years, Canada has a PNP target to receive 213,000 new permanent residents.

The reasons are an aging population, declining birth rate and expanding labor shortages. This trend is intensive in small provinces, which struggle and lose their residents to other areas of Canada.

Annual Report of IRCC

IRCC stated an increased need for global labor in the Annual Report to Parliament in 2018: there are labor shortages in many jobs in sciences, health, skilled trades, and transport.

IRCC gives an annual allocation to each province/territory for nominations in the permanent residence that are disbursed through various streams as per the specific labor needs.

Also, collectively these provinces/territories have around 70 nomination streams.

Each PNP also has an enhanced nomination stream to targets candidates of the federal Express Entry. Express Entry administers the pool of candidates for three Federal Skilled immigration categories

  • Canadian Experience Class
  • Federal Skilled Worker Class,
  • Federal Skilled Trades Class

Eligible candidates enter an Express Entry pool and receive a score in its Comprehensive Ranking System.

The process of invitations

The Government then invites candidates with the top ranks to seek permanent residence in the course of periodic pool draws from the Express Entry, which occurs generally every two weeks. The successful Express Entry candidates with the provincial nomination moreover, get 600 additional points in the CRS score and move ahead to get the invitation to apply for permanent residence.

IRCC statistics between 2016 and 2017 show an increase of 73 percent in the volume of provincial nominations of the Express Entry candidates.

Streams not aligned with the Express Entry are base nomination streams for the use of persons who are ineligible for Express Entry, especially for intermediate, entry-level skilled workers.

Most of the streams in provincial nomination require the applicant to register a separate profile in the Expression of Interest and give details of language proficiency, education, work experience, and connections to the province in work/study experience.

The steps

EOI profiles get a score as per the point-grid and enter the candidate pool where the top scoring candidates get the regular invitation.

Other streams linked to Express Entry use a passive approach allowing the provincial officials to search the EE pool for candidates who match their unique criteria and invite them to seek the provincial nomination.

There are some Category B Demand Streams also.

Another major variation in these streams is the requirement of a job offer. Many enhanced and base nomination streams do not require it.

Selection mainly happens through human capital factors, like education, work experience, and language proficiency.

The nomination and associated details

Many popular PNP pathways also issue Invitations to Apply as an initial step in nomination. Candidates who receive this can seek the provincial nomination and also complete applications within a fixed time frame.

Candidates receiving the nominated of the base stream can apply directly to the federal government and seek the permanent residence.


The PNP streams innovate constantly and also create many fresh opportunities for workers.

On 31 May, Human Capital Priorities Stream Ontario held a draw exclusively for Express Entry candidates having the work experience in ten occupations. Furthermore the candidates received 1,072 invitations. On June 3 the draw of Nova Scotia LMP Stream invited 312 Express Entry candidates having early childhood education work experience. Moreover, the nominee programs constantly adapt to meet the varying needs of Canadian provinces. These programs are dynamic and present an exciting immigration option.

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