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Canadian Immigration

IRCC announced selection of 824 settlement and integration projects that will receive federal funding for five years onwards in Canada. The aim of these projects spanning the country, is to extend help newcomers for fully participating in cultural, social, civic and economic life in the country after they arrive here.

Canada Immigration - Culmination of Efforts

In Feb 2019, the IRCC called for suggestions and proposals to consider long term funding.  These 824 projects will provide support services to all categories of newcomers in the country so that they are a success in Canada immigration.

The Scope of Services Offered

The projects across the nation, will begin in April 2020, and provide all the mentioned services:

  • Information and direction: Offering Help to immigrants to learn about their surroundings and integrate well with their new domicile, and connect them to additional resources.
  • Skill development and Language training: The aim here is to provide language and related skill training to newcomers in both official languages of Canada (English and French) apart from Flexible courses present online, as well as in-person, and also in the workplaces.
  • Employment-based services: Equipping the fresh arrivals with enhanced skills and knowledge required for succeeding in the local workforce. The projects will connect them directly with outstanding and performing private sector partners and organizations.
  • Community connections: Offering Help to immigrants to make long term connections with the local communities. Moreover, there will be Services for newcomers speaking French who immigrate to Francophone communities.  

The mainstay of all these initiatives is to help them in getting good Canada jobs and succeed in life.

Support for Newcomer Services

Ahmed Hussen, The Canadian Immigration Minister, said that Canada has the recognition of being a global leader in integration and settlement. With a firm belief in investment for newcomers to learn the languages, and find employment, there will be many measures from the government to build a successful life, and receive Canadian benefits.

Canada Immigration Shows Dedication

The immigration projects are a part of the continued dedication for improvement and growth of newcomer services in Canada. In 2018 the government had announced $1 billion allotment towards helping the immigrants to adapt to life in Canada in an effective manner. 

Canada has an ambitious plan for admitting 1 million newcomers in future. Patrons can seek our guidance and use our experience for starting their immigration process. Please contact us.

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