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Canada Makes Major Investments In Researchers And Graduate Students

Canada Makes Major Investments In Researchers And Graduate Students

Valuable research in Humanities and social sciences plays a significant role in understanding major challenges of Canada. Researchers make available the necessary evidence to take informed decisions regarding economy, communities, health and prosperity.

Kirsty Duncan, the Minister of Science, made the announcement of investing $285 million for 6,900 graduate students and researchers in Canada.

A welcome initiative

This investment is made by using the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council and aims to fund research in the spheres of environment, immigration, education, and Indigenous health. The projects will promote partnerships and collaboration among businesses, academic researchers, and community partners to press forward the matters of knowledge and help in their understanding.

The Minister also highlighted the support of 33 projects by $1.6 million at the New Brunswick University. There is a mention of the project of David Busolo, a researcher in the Faculty of Nursing. He will be the recipient of $60,000 for the research in understanding the priorities and needs of immigrants and refugee families.

This investment reflects the commitment of the government of $10 billion, in the spheres of science and research. There will be an increase in funding to take up fundamental research. It is a boost to the funding of federal research agencies.

A commitment to principles

The Minister signed the Dimensions charter at the New Brunswick University that endorses the charter’s commitment to implant the principles of diversity, equity, and inclusion in policies, practices, plans and culture.

The social sciences are integral to building a healthy, strong and prosperous Canada. The government has constantly worked hard to give science and research a deserving and rightful place. Researchers always generate ideas and go for innovations aimed at improving the lives of Countrymen. The investment will provide a fillip to training for students, and also connect national and international researchers of various disciplines and sectors. There will be a boost to the knowledge, talent, and insight that is necessary to meet the present day and future challenges. Researchers examine growth and development issues and work for the betterment of the society.

Aspects of research

Furthering the research will have an impact, in New Brunswick, and also in the country. The Talent program will support students and post-doctoral researchers for developing future researchers and leaders, in the academia and among the private, public, and not-for-profit sectors.

The Government of Canada has recently started a new pilot program, inspired by the Athena SWAN Charter of the United Kingdom, which addresses general barriers in research, experienced by members of groups that have under representation.

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