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Canada, along with 160 nations has signed a new agreement on international migration. Moreover, the United Nations Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration has an aim to make an effective use of the impacts of migration.

A set of objectives
There are a set of objectives in the agreement to improve cooperation at the international level on all types of migration. These objectives, stress the need to address the adverse structural factors which compel immigrants in leaving their original country. Through this, there is a call for increasing the availability of pathways for regular migration. Moreover, there must be a mutual recognition of qualifications, skills, and competences.
Canadian view on agreement
As per the new agreement migration is a source of innovation, prosperity, and development in the world. The Canadian Government also feels that this is the first multilateral framework, to give a global response to migration. Moreover, the pact gives ideal guidelines for international community on issues concerning migration. Based on the new Immigration Levels Plan, Canada, aims to welcome 1.3 million new permanent residents in the next three years. This is also a significant agreement in view of the opposition to migration in several countries, across Europe as well as in the US.
List of objectives of the UN pact
  1. Collecting and using accurate data as a basis of future policies.
  2. Minimizing the adverse structural factors which force people to quit their original country.
  3. Providing a set of timely and accurate information during different migration stages.
  4. Assuring that migrants possess an evidence of legal identity and sufficient documentation.
  5. Enhancing availability/flexibility of pathways for facilitating regular migration.
  6. Facilitating ethical/ fair recruitment and conditions to safeguard and ensure decent work.
  7. Addressing and reducing immigration vulnerabilities.
  8. Saving lives and establishing synchronized international efforts to deal with missing migrants.
  9. Strengthening a transnational response towards smuggling of migrants.
  10. Preventing, combating and eradicating human trafficking concerning international migration.
  11. Managing borders protection .
  12. Strengthening predictability/ certainty in migration procedures to get proper screening, and assessment.
  13. Using detention as a final measure only  and working constantly to get alternatives.
  14. Enhancing consular cooperation, protection and assistance in the migration cycle.
  15. Providing access to basic services to migrants.
  16. Empowering migrants to realize complete inclusion as well as social cohesion.
  17. Eliminating all discrimination and promoting evidence-based public dialogue in shaping migration perceptions.
  18. Investing in development of skills and facilitating mutual recognition of competence, skills, and qualifications.
  19. Creating an ideal situation for migrants, so that they can contribute to sustainable development.
  20. Promoting a fast, safe and cheap transfer of remittances and also taking steps for financially including the migrants.
  21. Cooperation in arranging dignified and safe return/readmission, and also sustainable reintegration.
  22. Establishing such mechanisms so that the earned benefits and social security entitlements are portable.
  23. Strengthening international cooperation for a safe and orderly migration.
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