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The Global Talent Stream Program, of Canada, offers a hassle-free and fast route to work. It will now be a permanent scheme. This has an aim to benefit many Indians in other places as well as based in the US. The focus is on Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics background. Moreover, this program offers to process applications within two weeks. Furthermore, another feature is that the professionals hired in GTS gain Canadian work experience, which gives them an advantage while applying for Canada PR under the Express Entry Route.

Indians have a big share

Indians are the largest group to receive the PR invitations in the Express Entry. Canada issued 86,022 invitations in 2017, and 36,310 among them were Indian citizens. Additionally, in 2018, 41,000 Indians received the PR invitations. IRCC Minister Ahmed Hussen, his happiness regarding receiving applicants with top skills. The proposal of permanency of this two-year pilot project came from the technology sector. It began in June 2017 and has approved 2,000 workers. The budget of 2019, states that GTS has generated a commitment from local employers for creating 40,000 fresh jobs for local persons and permanent residents. GTS is an active strategy for many companies to build a diverse and innovative team. The route is suitable for many companies which are working on the latest technology. The projects run in it are fuelling the ambitions and are also doing meaningful work.

Other features

The GTS program is filling difficult roles and is encouraging professional minds to go for a big dream. Additionally, it has two categories. Category A stipulates that the sponsoring employer has to be validated by a designated referral partner like the regional development agencies.  The employer has to hire a unique and special talent. Category B stipulates that the sponsoring employer has to demonstrate that they are filling vacancies in jobs on the Occupation List and must hire top skilled global workers. The wage requirements have to be fulfilled in both cases. Category A primarily deals with new/start-up businesses. There are more applications in Category B, as it deals with employers intending to hire applicants in jobs that are in short supply. Moreover, many of them are in the IT domain.
Indians thrive in it
A country-wise breakup of the allotted visas in this scheme is not available. Evidence also suggests that many of them are Indians, and some of them are US H-1B workers who migrated to Canada. The eligible occupations in GTS are web-developers, scientists and many more. The maximum duration for the employer to request for GTS work-permits is two years. Several people apply to remain permanently in Canada. The work experience is also helpful to add to their claim for permanent residence, using the Express Entry.

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