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For Canada, 2018 was a great year, as it heralded a new era in immigration. After releasing the new, multi-year immigration plan, Canada plans to welcome one million newcomers in the next three years. There is a boom in the economy, and industries also experience impressive growth in employment. Additionally job availability is more necessitating more skilled workers.

Increase in the allocation of funds
Another fact is the fast processing time, and the government has increased the allocation of funds for newcomer services. The activities of the government have successfully created the right conditions for 2019 to be a successful year for immigration.
This system introduced in 2015, provides a fastest route to get in Canada permanent residence. In the previous year applications in Express Entry were processed in four months only. The application system is online and allows the E.E. system to be efficient, in inviting successful applicants quickly. In 2018, the country issued 86,000 invitations to apply seeking permanent residence, by draws every two weeks. Furthermore, there is a yearly plan to increase immigration, and there will be an increase in the intake in each draw. This will result in a decline in the CRS cut-off.
Provincial Programs are popular today as a means to get permanent residence. Moreover, each province is operating its own immigration programs. Additionally, the interested applicants can select from many streams. The P.N.Ps, give an opportunity to find a suitable Program. These PNP streams are significant to watch: • Ontario Human Capital Priorities • Saskatchewan International Skilled Worker, • Nova Scotia Demand: Express Entry Category B, There is no requirement in each of them to have a previous connection to the province. Applicants who are never in the province, or do not have a job offer, from an employer in the province, can also be successful.
Other facts
Furthermore, there are additional options for immigration in 2019. Immigration Minister of has confirmed that the Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program is a success for Maritime Provinces. If the trend of success continues into the future there will be substantial growth. Moreover, Quebec will begin to conduct draws through a new online processing system in the Quebec Skilled Worker Program. Furthermore, in October 2019, Canada will hold federal elections. There is a possibility of a change in plans, for immigration intake, in case there is some change of government. Make sure to submit an application at an early date. Please subscribe to Migration Ideas newsletters to get latest information and updates about Visa and Immigration. We also assist with the hassle-free and quick visa and immigration process.

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